Max and Milton, Jason Baldwin (3D)


Great work:thumbsup: How did you guys do the hair?



cool couple ! I love their contrast on proportion :slight_smile:


omg.0star !

I’m just opponing post for honest critique and post for praise dude !


Good to see that you actually posted this. Still looks really good and you know my crit about the fat kids hands.


Great characters, the fat one is so funny:D


Very nice :thumbsup:


Excellent work. I just love the head of the left character. Congrats.


Thanks again for all the great feedback! Its encouraging to hear the personality is coming through the characters.

Kravit: Good call on the background. Its seeming a bit flat because its a 2d image with blur. I’ll work on getting better dimension next time.

PascalR: I modeled the hair then Joe painted 2d hair over the geometry.

Robert: You’re totally right on the hand comment. I just never managed to fix it :frowning:


Good work!!!


Great work!


awesome work jason !


Good characters, have a lot of personality!


Nice characters! :thumbsup:


haha… those are really great. nice work.



wow dude…some characters and poses there, especially the hands and legs of the fat guy.brilliant work…way better than the rest on ur portfolio.5 stars!


awesome !!


fantastic work guys


Awesome characters! There’s so much in that still image. Well done! :thumbsup:



double post menace.


was gonna say “awesome models man” and then I saw you work at Dreamworks, so I guess it goes with the territory :smiley: