Max and Milton, Jason Baldwin (3D)


Great characters! So funny! Would be great to watch them in a cartoon!


This is amazing. I love cartoon style like UP movie. The characters are interesting and funny.
Great job.


Excellent and very creative work!


Creative! I am looking forward to these characters. In my opinion, they will really be a perfect duo. I think this would be funny especially when it will be animated.


Goog work *****


Superb! It’s very Pixar/Dreamworks.


Nice design, the poses say a lot, and the quality is nice… Good job.


Nice characters design.
Like it


the characters are looking good specially the fat one…he is looking very nice…so sweet indeed…good work keep it up! :wavey:


good job!…:applause:


very cool work man! you have skills


Haha Wow amazing characters, specially the RockDude! :buttrock:


I really love the clothing you decided to put on the kids :smiley:


Great work! Nice characters :slight_smile:


very cool work man! you have skills


Great work!! n nice concept…congrats Jason :beer:


Great work!


Great characters.

  Title: Max and Milton
  Name: Jason Baldwin
  Country: United States
  Software: Maya, Photoshop
  I made this image a while back, but am finally getting around to submitting it.
  Max and Milton are sort of a play on Goofus and Gallant. Exact opposites- one a teacher's pet, the other a box-wine swilling reprobate. 
  Texturing by Joe Beckley[/QUOTE]


LOVE the skinnier guys clothes!
Characters and texturing is amazing


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