Max and Milton, Jason Baldwin (3D)


Title: Max and Milton
Name: Jason Baldwin
Country: United States
Software: Maya, Photoshop

I made this image a while back, but am finally getting around to submitting it.
Max and Milton are sort of a play on Goofus and Gallant. Exact opposites- one a teacher’s pet, the other a box-wine swilling reprobate.

Texturing by Joe Beckley


Great characters! Costumes are really good. Max? the skinny guy- his right sleeve looks like the texture is a projection. I mean diagonal as apposed to the left which is horizontal.

!??? does that make sense?

These forums are kinda bunk nowadays.

I just looked at your webpage! wow that was a totally random coincidence. sorry, didn’t mean nothin by it.

Nice work!


Nice characters, I would like to see them animated.


Superb… Really fantastic work…
They work be great as animated characters…


Gorgeous chars,I love the style,the charisma,great work!
Congratz to you and Joe Beckley!


fantastic characters. funny


Thank you everyone so much for the feedback!

joel3d: Good eye. A lot of the textures in this image were done in post. We were trying several different patterns to find ones that would work. I wouldn’t say the forum is bunk. The quality has just skyrocketed in the last few years! My website, on the other hand, is indeed bunk :slight_smile:


superb working ! great…


Man, this is so amazing… nice design and body expression :slight_smile:


great dude :slight_smile:


omg, awesome artwork.
this are the stuff that I find inspiring.
just a little silly question - Are those from blueprints you created?
thanx in advance.


Great characters, nice poses, nice lighting .


Thanks again for the comments!

TurNEo: Yes, the characters were my own concept. I had a lot of fun playing their proportions against each other.

Klicek: Your Wielki Konstruktor is one of my favorite images from the past few years!


Great work :thumbsup:
Your bg kinda messes with images depth tho.


Wow. Nice characters and good design


Really great characters. They have very strong personalities.


great characters!! i like them a lot, good work!


Thanks for the comment.


Really great characters!


Great job done on these two characters requiem ! :thumbsup:

Clean and efficent silhouettes , and cool gesture .

Congrats ^^