Max 6 wierdness when creating character


Hello, everyone!

I was wondering if anybody might know what’s causing the following problem:

I have rigged, morphed, and skinned a few characters, each in it’s own file, in Max 6, and they need to be brought into the same file, so I select everything, go to the Character menu, and choose ‘Create Character’ to get a character node. As soon as I do this, everything on the screen seems to turn inside out. Meshes, bones, everything. This happens with every character in any file I attempt to create a character in. It’s a very strange effect and hard to dexcribe.

What’s more, I went ahead and attempted exporting one of my characters even with this anomaly, and I imported it into a file which consists of the room I intend to animate them in. As soon as I import the character, the same strange effect happens to everything in the scene. It’s almost like it has reversed perspective or it’s showing me the wrong side of everything. I’ve tried ‘force 2-sided,’ but that changes nothing.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate the help, as this project is due in two weeks, and it’s very difficult to animate when you can’t really see what you’re doing.


Strange, does changing the graphics environment have any effect. OpenGL vs Direct X, etc…



I’ve tried that, and it doesn’t help. My computer seems to have a problem running Max in OpenGL anyway, and Max crashes constantly when I use it.


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