MAX 2020 ... Flickering of rollout/subrollout pages


can anyone confirm the problem of “constant redrawing” subrollout in subrollout control in version MAX 2020 …
this is difficult to demonstrate, so I just ask: do you notice the constant redrawing (flickering) rollouts in subrollout control in 2020?

as soon as I can make a confirmation snippet, I will post it here


I found a problem … This uses the WS_EX_COMPOSITED flag. It seems that not all qt-support controls work correctly considering using this flag


I can confirm that nothing isn’t constant anymore. Jumping from 2015 to 2021 (after short visits to in-between releases)
From default Teapot 8 segments - teapot() will still make it with 4 segs…
That might seem like silly, unimportant example but it is not. There is lot of “unimportant” examples like that.

Hate to quote but must here (you from intersectray speed topic):
“it’s like many new features… UI for example. Not faster, not less flickering, not adjustable well for 2K/4K monitors, not clearer, not easier bind to controllers/events/callbacks… just better”

That “just better” is answer that i get for every new thingy, it might worked when I was 5 and my parents told me that.
Looks like development moved to Facebook and I’m not going there.

But, what I want to ask you, can you confirm or have you notice any strange behaviors in 2020 (compared to 2016, and forget Qt) ?


I can already notice some “differences” that complicate development for versions <2020 and 2020+. I did not collect all of them in one list, but for example:

  • there is a memory leak in 2020, where <2020 does not leak
  • try / catch context in c++ is much slower in 2020

  • drawing a user interface (controls) is slower.

I see this … I just see how fast my tools draw UI in <2020 and how slow they are in 2020. I believe there is a reason for this, but now I need to review the entire pipeline of making a user interface for my tools.


I can confirm this.
I have a tool with a rollout that contains dotnet elements. The rollout is flickering when resized.
Have you found any solution to this?


since qt the whole UI is “twitchy” like a crack addict with nasty dotted focus crap that never used be there.