Max 2017 missing layers


Hey all,

We’ve encountered an issue with Max 2017, including the recent update. If we open old scene files, the layers explorer is blank, layer names only - there’s no objects nested under any layers. We cannot add objects to layers, they’re completely invisible. Filters aren’t the issue. Merging scene with a new one doesn’t fix it. This has happened on several old scene files. If we create NEW objects, they appear in layers, but any and all older objects are invisible.

We’ve submitted bug reports but I can’t tolerate this anymore. Does anyone else have this issue? Workarounds? How do we get old scene objects exposed in the layer explorer?



  1. Open another explorer like Scene Explorer.
  2. Change to Hierarchy mode. Now you should see objects.
  3. Select objects
  4. Drag and drop to a layer in the other explorer.


This worked! Thanks, man! Good idea.


Another way:

Paste this in the listener window and execute with the missing objects selected:

newlayer = LayerManager.newLayer(); for n in (selection as array) do newlayer.addnode n

Creates a new layer with the objects inside.


here is another way automatic retrieve all your layers and objects

you can download my script from here



Thank you very much. I bought your script and it helped me a lot


Thank you pidchenko :slight_smile: