Max 2016 Display Issue


Just fired up the 2016 and am having a problem with opacity. Below is a standard start scene I use that has a plane with a radial gradient applied as a cutout (Arch/Design Material). In 2015 no problems but 2016 won’t display the gradient opacity.

Running a Nvidia Quardro k5000. Tried updating the driver to no effect. Other computers have the same issue.

Is there a new feature included in 2016 I need to disable?


Checked a few other machines at work with different video cards and having the same issue.

Nvidia Quadro 5000, K5000 & K5200 running on Windows 7 are all unable to display gradient transparency in the viewports. The material editor previews the materials fine and things render fine but using gradients as a cutout or transparency won’t show in the viewports in Shaded or Realistic.

If I check the Materials/Realistic Materials with Maps option in the viewport menu the gradient transparency works! This however is not a good fix. It is also strange that the Realistic viewing mode doesn’t work if the materials are set at the default of Shaded w/ Maps.


They did some work on improving Nitrous transparency handling, and this is a little side effect to it.
In order to get the gradient alpha/cutout properly displayed u must have a non zero value for transparency (if using Arch&Design material) or a non 100% opacity (like in the case of Standard material). This basically switches the algorithm used under the hood.


That fixes it! Well if you think about it it makes total sense. Scientifically speaking the only thing capable of being 100% transparent is the Government…

Nothing to see here folks, move along.


I think I’m having the same issue as OP. I’m also using 3DS MAX 2016 atm. and see as there seems to be a solution as said by moulder6 I cant figure out how to use.

I´m not sure where I need to set the values mentioned for the opacity!
If I change the Values in the Material nothing happens.

Also I believe I’m using Standard materials, which if i’m not missunderstanding the post from moulder6 shouldn’t even have the problem.

help plz