Matte/Shadow?Something similar in C4D???



I’m normally a max-user but am working with cinema right now.
i would like to ask if there’s something similar to the matte/shadow-material from max in Cinema 4D.
If not…how would you “cinematics” go for such a task, if you need shadows on an objekt which is invisible in the final render. I need only the shadows for comp.
Thx in advance


I think what you need is a compositing TAG on an object.

Right click on an object in the object pop up window, and choose New Tag/Compositing tag. You will get an icon beside the object with options for your rendering


Look up compositing tag in the manual, and also Render settings>Multi-Pass Channels.
With the compositing tag you can hide the object from the camera but keep its shadows in the render. In the Multi-Pass page you first add an RGBA channel, then you can add loads of other channels including shadow. When opened in photoshop the shadow render appears on a separate layer as a black and white image with the Multiply blend mode activated.


you can render shadows as a seperate pass. If you need one single shadow out of many use a specific light for this and use the include/exclude feature of the light to determine which objects should be effected. In the Multi Pass options you can enable seperate passes for each light.
Hope this helps


Perhaps the easiest (and most Max-like) approach would be to use the Shadow Catcher shader. It’s available here:

If you’re compositing, multi-pass will offer more options, though.


i too am a long time max user.

C4D’s matte/shadow equivalent is called Frontal Mapping. look it up in the manual. it does all the matte/shadow thing, but is infinately more powerfull too.


Thank you very much for the input, dear friends. That is a nice shader you mentioned there, Jake L.

Thx again




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