Matte/shadow in mental Ray



Does anybody know how I can use mate shadow materials with the Mental Ray on Max 6???

I´d appreciate any help, thanks


I agree the question. How can we do tht? I’m making a composition with a 3d car rendered on a photo background.
In need to use a matte shadow material for the floor to cast the shadows.



not sure what u guys mean? have u tried it? cause the matt/shadow material works for me!!



I am not sure if I do all right. But I have feeling that mate shadow can collect only shadows casted direct by light. That meens shadows made by light with shadow box checked on. It can not show shadow made by final gathering or other mental ray’s indirect illumination method. May be there is other way but I use material override with white material and put all together in compositing program AF or PS.


Very well stefan.

This is the problem.

But don´t have a direct solution? :banghead:


yep, that’s the problem, which means the skylight won’t cast any shadows onto your matte material. if you want this effect, though, you can use E-light, which uses shadow maps that WILL cast shadows onto your matte material


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