Matte painting



I want start learnig how to paint matte paintings. Actually, I have very little experience. Are there any books, DVDs, tutorials etc you recommend for the beginner. I know there are quite a lot from the gnomon workshop, but I can’t buy all of them at once and I’m looking for the most suitable product for beginners.
Do you have any suggestions?




Truth be told, I think the Gnomon DVDs are the only authorative material on Matte painting on the market that is. You can find counless books on anatomy, portrait drawing, and painting, but not matte painting.

Maybe it is because it’s more professional oriented(ie used in the film industry a lot).

I know your pain though, I want all those Gnomon DVDs, but since I am at uni and a poor student, I’ll have to let do with a 2 or 3 a year.


maybe I’m telling the obvious, but what about this?


True, the D’Artiste line of books is probably invaluable(just waiting to see how my finances are after this month to order it myself), but one book does not tell everything there is to tell.

Of course the base concept of all drawing is perception and drawing, and just keeping at it. Information, such as this book offers is invaluable to perceive your failures and therefore helps you in that way, but this book is one source and is with any knowledge, one must see various perspectives to form your own concise and ideal image that you prefer.

Maybe I am being a bit over the top with this, but I’d just wish there were other books around, to offer those different nuggets of knowledge. The Gnomon DVDs do just that, but they are expensive and one cannot afford them all in one go, unless one has been saving up money for some time.

But I’ll see when I get my copy of the book, as well as when I order a DVD or 2. :slight_smile:


is that book going to be sold in the states, or will I have to airmail?


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