Matte Painting - Sunset Memory, Justin Van Der Lek (2D)


Title: Matte Painting - Sunset Memory
Name: Justin Van Der Lek
Country: Netherlands
Software: (Other), Photoshop

Name: Sunset Memory
Software: Photoshop / Discreet Inferno
Time: 2 Weeks

Hi there…

At work we had a lot of sparetime, so we decided to do a little challenge in Matte Painting. Because we got inspired by watching the new Gnomon Matte Painting DVD’s by Mr Lorenz Scheurer.

I started with a plate shot in Holland, and just starting to block in my comp and tried to set the mood by making a sky. This painting is really made without prior planning… by just doing it and just see where it ends. Inferno is used for some atmospheric effects. Hope you guys enjoy… :slight_smile:

Dalaran AW


Wonderful! very good lighting,beautiful pallete . I can feel really soft sunset mood .5 stars


very nice! :thumbsup:


Goooood! i like it!


Hey Dalaran! Saw you posted your mattepainting from the challenge we held! I thought it might be nice to post mine aswell. I’ll also post the original plate we started from.
Btw. This is my first try at mattepainting.

Here’s the original :

Here’s my mattepainting :




wow very nice,good painting,like this style very much:thumbsup:


i just looooove matte paintings:) awesome… 5 stars


my~~ my…i’m speechless…u got the entire piece spot on with the mood and composition…just awesome~:thumbsup::thumbsup:u have my vote:)


Impressive and beautiful ! :wise:


So lovely sky… Very beautiful colors.

It’s really great landscape :slight_smile:


Hi there…

Just got home from work and I saw all the replies! Thank you all for the kind words and the rating… 5 stars… wow…!

Inky2: I saw your painting work and you are truly a master… great deep work :slight_smile:

Tobiasth: He dude… fellow member :wink: thanx

Johnny yu: Thanx you for your kind words…

Marinobambino: He dude… yes I took the guts to post my matte result on Cgtalk… cool you posted yours too and the original plate…

Ice Lau: thank you :slight_smile:

vilius: Yep… I love matte paintings too… but is also one of the hardest things for me… thank you for your rating.

ms@zx: really cool that you enjoy the piece… thanks :wink:

turtle-rn: thanx

BlackBastet: the sky was one of the first things I tried to determine… because it really gives the drama and mood… I am glad it worked out fine… thanks

Again… comments and crits are more then welcome… and If you guys want… I could post a more highres version :slight_smile:

Dalaran AW


That is wicked cool, hope you make it to the frontpage with this one, or else to the expose books :smiley: DUTCH PRIDE!
You HAVE to post more…


He Mdalaran, nice pice of work!

Why no post on the DUTCH ART Community :wink:


This has to be your best matte painting yet Dalaran.
Looking at the original plates you handeled the LIGHTNING and
dust particles really well.

Well, everything seems to blend, a balanced composition, the ideas are in place,
the mood is killer… bravo. Can’t wait for your next piece. R.


Hi there…

I must say I am still astounded by all the replies I get… really cool :slight_smile:

Vince Bisschop: He vince… how ya been… hahaha… yeah that would be coool one of the books hahaha… :wink:

3ddy: He mister 3Dhype… thanx for your support… I posted the Matte in the dutch community too…

Ramon Contini: Wow… a true digital paint master replies on my work. Thank you… you are a great inspiration for me…

Still crits and comments more then welcome…

Dalaran AW


Yo Justin.

reallly like it. this stuff is inspiring… still brings up ideas… but never can’t find the time…
well, talk to ya later…




Yo Ngeiner,

I saw your matte on 3dhype and posted there my comment.
Just want to say that the overall feeling is really good.

Keep up !!:thumbsup:


Yo Purc and Pascal…

Thanx for your compliments and feedback… really appreciate it… I am definetly gonna work on more matte’s and try to improve even more… :slight_smile:

Dalaran AW


very very very very very very tits (in the positive sense of the word then that is)

I specialy like the volume light effect from the sky and the colors used. it really feels like a western movie of somekind, shot with a somewhat older camera.

the building on the right seems a bit strange though. first appeared to me as a rock or something… wel that must be me and my ****ed brain at the moment.

and the rock on the left should be more lit. now it looks more like a silhouet. which only happens mostly when the main lightsource is somewhere behind it. It gives a nice dramatic effect though!

ok thats it. lots of kisses!!



essu maru… i saw the picture before and what you did with the rails…COOOOOOL!!!

much of respect,