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hey guys after that great atlantis challenge I thought it would be great if we all keep practicing before another real challenge,
I have here a photo taken from the net ( don’t know who the photographer is ) but I think that for learning how paint it is a real good example from begginers to advance members.
the practice here will be to paint all , USE OF PHOTOS OR 3D ARE NOT ALLOWED.
just 2D painting , try to do it all manually without the use of gradients, rulers, masks etc.


and this is what I could achive in some hours,

IMPORTANT THING:: because we are working with a real photo source try that your elements does not look like sketches, they should look really integrated and photorealistic, study the image very well before starting painting. levels, colors, mood, scale, depth etc. this will be fun and a fast practice for all of us



That’s awesome! Your image is very realistic and is seamlessly integrated with the photo.
Great work!

I’ll absolutely join this one!


Great work James…Very nice painting~…
Though not very good with painting…but think I will give it a try.


I think it’s better to work on something rather than just discuses on subject of 2nd challenge.

It’s good to work on the each dimension of matte p. as a practice. Lets do it this:thumbsup:


yeah this is not just a 2D practice is a 2D painting over a real photo source, that has to do a lot of thing with matte painting in real life, I hpe much of your people get involved to this practice


A great idea, Jaime. I´ll do something as soon as possible. Your image´s very cool:thumbsup:


Hey James, I’ll give it a try … :slight_smile:


cool ! hope to see some of your work around here, keep it up people !


hi jaime,

long time no post,

that´s a fun exercise, so here´s my submission…

love your image, hope mine is not too bad, I worked the whole day on it and am bit tired now, maybe I´ll rework it a bit, what do you think?


nice one trialanderror vbmenu_register(“postmenu_3844708”, true); the levels are quite right, and the idea is nice, just I would do a lot more detail to that tower, tiny little details that make the elements more interesting and photorealistic


thanks for the quick reply! I´ll try to update soon, just quite busy at the moment… but I´ll be back soon…


I’ve started to have a go at this one too.

one question I have… is how do you work out the perspective for a scene like this?


one question I have… is how do you work out the perspective for a scene like this?

don´t know exactly, but if it´s not too complex as in my image, I only use my eyes for perspective and if it´s more difficult (i.e. many buildings, characters,…) I use perspective grids for better proportions, eyelevel, etc…

hope that helps


Waw! Good idea!


Hey James, that paintings really cool, nice work and great idea.

Now let me think what to do … mmmm

  • Dave.


Hi all

I have a question regarding this thread, .I have only just stumbled across this, I admit i had no idea it was here:scream:… I have already gone on to nearly finish my painting when i discovered “subscribe to this thread” and i thought, well fair enough, i’d better ask before posting
so does one require a subscription to this particular thread to be able to participate?

I am sorry if this comes off as slightly un educated coff

thanks in advance



LightSovereign everyone is allowed to upload images here , this is not a challenge or so, it is just for anyone wanting to practice matte painting , so feel free to show us your image


well here is my image, Its my first attempt at matte painting, thanks very much, jaime. The thing that was very attractive about this practice was that this was straight brushing. I am unfamiliar with using masks and such, so this was a great opportuntity to jump in and see what it is all about…In the end, this is prolly more arty than realistic. I got caught out a few times in the process, usually i don’t give things too much thought as to functionality, here i find i have to think things through in greater detail…I found the background easier than the foreground for sure ^^…Regardless, much fun to be had and any chance to challenge the thought process of creating is welcomed

Thanks very much for posting this thread and i look forward to seeing other arts ^^
crits most welcomed




Nice one, LightSovereign!

I have the idea for my image pretty much figured out.
I have done some sketches but will send the image after I’ll be hapy with it. It’s not easy really.

Keep up



nice one LightSovereign vbmenu_register(“postmenu_3850108”, true); , great concept and execution, you’ve got the point of this excercise :thumbsup: