Matte Painting attempt


I’ve graduated from a VFX course some years ago and have been working on improving my skills since then. Now I think I’ve decided to get into Matte Painting. This is my 2nd matte project (the first one being a graduation piece, which I’m not really happy with). So feedback of any kind is not only appreciated but very important :).

Background story: This is a scene of a place called Wyvern Rock. It’s a huge fortress build on top of a huge rock pillar formation, so it would be pretty well defended. Over the years the inhabitants carved a huge dragon statue out of the cliff face.

The final piece will have more fog, buildings, birds and even flying ships.

I’m using Vue, Blender and Zbrush for the 3d models and Photoshop.


Ok so I made some more updates. I added some fog to add some depth and also some sort of outpost on the right (and back left further away). The flag and trees will be moving in the final render.


Mainly… you have to smooth the transition from white rock to forest.

Foreground outpost perspective is wrong. Its above horizon we should be seeing it from below.

2nd paintover is a composition idea. Something more vertical.


Thanks a lot for the feedback. Didn’t notice the perspective issue with the guard tower:).

I like the suggestion of showing the dragon from the front I wasn’t really happy with the current perspective, but didn’t know what was missing :).


His suggestion mirrors my own - you have snow covered slopes…and then nothing. A more realistic setting would be snow at the top, and more ground/rocks and trees and shrubs as you go lower (plants can grown on slopes like that, believe it or not). Also, spires like that in the middle of flat land don’t make sense, the terrain should be more hilly, with maybe some mountain ranges in the back, or the spire at the end of a range. Snow at the top would give an indication to the eye that it’s really, really tall.


Finally got some updates done. Thanks BillyWJ for your suggestions :). I think it’s not high enough for snow. I do like the idea though that there should be more cliffs etc. in the background,which I added. Only fear is I hope there isn’t too much going on now :).

I also changed the perspective of the dragon. Next I’d like to add a waterfall maybe so it won’t look empty.


Something doesn’t seem right with the cliff on the right in the back. It has the appearance of being up close but it seems to be behind the foggy trees in the background.


Hey Skull5005 thanks for pointing that out. I believe the cliff is actually much further away. Plus it takes away attention from the guard tower.
I’ll be turning down the opacity or making it less saturated or something to make it appear further. :slight_smile:


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