matte in 3D


in few weeks, i’ll start on my first movie, so now im looking around and finding some ways how im gonna make my vision true.
i do not have a render farm, so i need some ways to render fast. 1st what i got in mind was mattle painting. Why render on every frame background. I understand that there, where is still camera, i can simply composite my animation and bg in layers. But how to do the same thing lets say with the moving camera around characters? // using max
Thx for all your advice


You will have to track the background somehow then.


I would render the background once and then place it on a polygon and render the entire scene without the characters. This will render the background VERY quickly. Then remove the background polygon and render the characters separately. Then just composite them both together.


What you’ve got to consider here is … from something, somewhere … you’re going to need to come up with some numerically-quantifiable source of z-depth.

Your “matte painting” might have apparent depth, to the human eye, but you’re going to need to come up with some way to give the pixels actual depth.

There are many ways that you might devise to do this, and there is no “one right way.” But when the time comes that you want to put things together “front to back,” this is the information that the computer will require. Feel free to be as creative as you can be, with regard to “how to get it.” Bottom line is: “you’ve got two dimensions now, and you need three.”


I’d hazard a guess at Camera Mapping.


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