Matte Fringing


I’ve had this reoccurring problem with my mattes and I can’t figure out how to solve it. I’m hoping for a little guidance here. Basically, when I render out objects I get a one pixel fringe on my matte, which doesn’t seem to make sense (and is the opposite of useful). When I render to PSD, TIFF, EXR, PNG, I get this fringe. I was practicing some tips and tricks using multipass compositing and something VERY strange came to my attention.

1] When I have my GI layer turned off, I get the weird 1 px fringe.

2] When GI is turned on, the fringe goes away.

Now, my GI is set to “Add,” which further confuses me why there is a fringe when the layer is turned off (shouldn’t it be the other way around??).

**I forgot to note I’m in AE CS6, C4D R14. All on OSX.

  1. Your AO pass should be set to multiply

  2. Alt+ctrl+g all of your imported files in “project” that are using alpha channel and make sure they are set to “Premultiplied” and that the color is the same as the background in your 3D application when you rendered it.


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