Matt Radford (NaughtyDog): Game effects: Fluids, Cloak and 'blood splatter' with TP


What is it like to be working on a triple A game fx ? Check it here

Matt talks to Edwin Braun about his training at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) to his brave new world of career journey from lighting artist to VFX, from Hydraulx, Blur Studio to Naughty Dog and how he started his own VFX studio: Matt Radford is a wizard with large scale destruction and his favourite TP operator is the ‘Fragmenter’. He also gives some creative insights on ‘blood and gore’ techniques.

Matt also touched on the variety of software that he has tested and used, and how the game cinematic workflow and pipeline is like - cool insights. And of course, Matt Radford tells you why thinkingParticles has been his faithful tool to date. Matt calls it ‘crazy’ of the kind of stuff the developers never thought of… use of TP in flexible effects.

Showing Matt’s selection of game fx work on Uncharted, Resident Evil, Planet Side, Lost Legacy…

His love for game visual effects and not too much love for commercial effects. What was it like achieving the kind of quality effects in Uncharted ?

And do not miss! Edwin answers Matt’s question about what cebas has for the future in terms of greater visual effects; the ultimate goal cebas hopes to achieve in future updates for TP such as atmospheric effects. Sorry… no ‘nuclear explosion’ stuff…in the pipeline, yet.

Edwin talks to Matt about his development team’s ultimate dream ongoing to made software for artist that surpasses in creative flexibility, without restrictions. Laugh at Matt’s fume fx , ‘velocity’ data to speed up a sim! How about Alembic? Are you ready for thinkingParticles exploration in game design ? Get it now or try the free version