"Matinta Perera" animation


Hey guys… =D

 This is an animation that we've done for a musical event here in Brasil (yes, Blender is being used commercially around here). The songs are about old countryside legends and are preceded by an animation of the story.
 All 3D stuff (models, setups, lights and actual animation) was done in Blender by me. The characters and objects were hand-drawn by [Suryara Bernardi](http://suryara.carbonmade.com/) and textured/painted by [Jovan de Melo](http://www.fotolog.com/yolks_yogurt). We used Inkscape and The Gimp in the production, also.
 Besides some things that could be improved, we call it finished because of the VERY short deadline.
 This animation is about "Matinta Perera", a witch that takes form of an owl and frightens people searching for tobacco.
 It can be viewed [here](http://uploader.polorix.net//files/99/MatintaPerera.avi). (9Mb FFMPEG Avi. Xvid codec. Plays like a charm in [VLC](http://www.videolan.org/vlc) Right click and "Save As")
 I've made a quick translation of the narration here:Late night...
 A deep sound, that breaks the silence, is heard.
 Fear takes all who lives in that house.
 Children run away and hide, fearing that they could be taken as punishment for their bad behavior.
 It's the sound of Matinta Perera: the witch who flies around the house in the body of an owl.
 "GET AWAY FROM HERE!" - Screams, desperately, the house owner.
 But she waits patiently for her precious gift: Matinta wants tobacco.
 Long is the night, and fear is a torture.
 Finally, the promise is done:
 "Matinta Perera, come by tomorrow afternoon to get your tobacco. But, please, don't curse on me!"
 I'd love to read your comments.


very cool styleised animation, ive allways liket this kind of 2D & 3D usage! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, fktt! =D

We’ll be finishing the last animations soon, then I’ll link them here.



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