Materials not displaying on mesh in substance painter


My issue is very simple, but the solution seems to be difficult to figure out.

When I load in a mesh and try to apply a material to it, it doesn’t display on the mesh. It remains as the default grey. Even when I load in the sample files like Mat or the sample sphere, which are already unwrapped. It’s absolutely not a UV issue. When I load in a low poly mesh that I’ve created (perfectly unwrapped) and bake the high poly mesh on it the maps bake, but they do not display on the mesh in the viewport (not on the 3D mesh or the UV view). In the maps panel it shows that the low poly has the details of the high poly (ID, Normal, etc…), but they do not display.

And as far as drivers and graphics, I have already ran previous versions of Substance on my laptop no problem. So hardware isn’t the issue either. But something that is even more interesting about my situation is that if I open a project on my substance at work and start texturing something, save it, then open that file at home, I can start textruring in that project file. But this is neither a solution nor fix.

I’ve looked everywhere for a solution and can’t seem to find anything on this issue.

I appreciate any help. Thank you.