Material Studies: Metals, Jarrod Hasenjager (3D)


Title: Material Studies: Metals

Name: Jarrod Hasenjager

Country: South Africa

Software: Houdini Arnold

Submitted: 2nd April 2016

Hello all, this is my first entry into what will be a series of studies on different materials, including but not limited to metals, plastics, paints, wood, refractive and SSS materials. I will continue to add to each category as I finish more examples.
I do not claim that these results are scientifically accurate in look, they are only the result of personal studies and observation done outside of work, to further my own knowledge and skill.
It would be great if this could help somebody else too, so please like, share or comment if you find this helpful, and please feel free to hit me up with any suggestions or thoughts, should you have any.
All shaders and renders are done in Houdini.


curious as to why you have no fresnel on the metals? Have you had a look at the index margins with real life metals? A good reference is Siger Shaders materials, if you install the plugins and have a look at how they have setup their metal shaders - they have done quite extensive amount of work to make their shaders realistic.

The RGB channels vary slightly as you can see here:


Hi James,

The latest versions of these images do include the IOR, and the shading process also accounted for Extinction Coefficient values. Unfortunately because of the fact that I do not know how to update existing images and replace them with new ones, this post on CGSociety never progressed past the WIP stage. I have amended the latest images to this post now and they should appear along with the old ones.

Take care and as always, thanks for the comments.


excellent! do you have a website to visit? id love to see the latest and what else you are working on


thank you very much for this. I am learning my way around Houdini, this will help in several projects down the road.


Priceless R&D work, thank you! I’m not a Houdini user, but this stuff easily transfers to all the other render software out there. This post should go directly in a CGI bible or something… Thanks again!


Overall, these look really very nice and show your attention to detail. i would suggest you revisit the anodized aluminum and the rust variations when you have time. For the anodized aluminum, what you show is more of a coated anodized and not the more common base finish - see below for painted but no gloss coat applied (perhaps add a variant for coated and uncoated).

The Rust imo looks more like an earthen layer such as a heavy dust/dirt and could stand to have the hue shifted over a bit from the orange-yellow to red-orange value. It should be distinctly different from the outdoor ground material shown in the outdoor image