Material Problem


Some of my textures don’t work, like the water one, and the earth… instead of water texture i get a blue sphere and nto a water sphere lol
anyone have this problem too?


Is it possible to post an image of what you are talking about? It could be any numbers of things causing your materials not to show up. Maybe even posting your scene file so we can go in and see how you have things setup…


ok sure, it have to be in zip becouse forum doesn’t acept .max files, the green one should had the grass texture, and the blue one the water… but thats all that apears hope you can help me :smiley:


Renders fine for me…:slight_smile: are you getting any missing map errors when you hit your render button?


oh… wow :S
i think wen i reinstalled it solved the problem…
becouse later wen i rendered it didn’t apear the water now it does :o
sorry for wasting your time :wink:


EDIT: edited out cause you already fixed the problem… lol


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