Material Problem after exporting to .obj



Im working on a game with Unity3D and do my models in Silo.
I stared with a box, cutted it and extruded. After exporting to .obj that happened:
Picture: click here

It is not a problem with unity. I had the same problem with .obj files made in silo in other game engines, too. And if i reopen the .obj with silo it looks all fine.

Did i do anything wrong?


I found it out myself.
For anyone having this problem in the future:

Rename the objects in your scene so they all have a different name or else objects with the same name will get merged when exporting or something like that.


Do what I do (although I dont use Unity Free because of its limitations).

Model and export it to blender. Then you can tweak it further. See if that helps.


I figured it out myself, for everyone having this problem and found this thread:

It seems that all objects with the same name in the silo scene get merged to a single object in the .obj file. I renamed all objects so they have unique names and it fixed my problem.


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