Material override on an object with several shaders on selected polygons



This is driving me crazy, I really hope I am doing it wrong and it is not a limitation.
I am on Maya 2017.4, and I am trying to set up render layers. I got one object in the scene that has 3 different shaders attached to different polygons of the same mesh.
When in render layers, I create a new collection for this object, then I apply a material override, and assign an arnold matte shader, but the object keeps rendering with original shaders.
I’ve done this to other objects in the scene (single shaded, or multi shaded but on different polygon shells), and everything works as expected…
anyone else had this problem?


a shader override to the whole object should work.
but you cant override materials that are assigned to faces… in most pipelines this is a nogo.



shader override does not work either…
I’ll just separate the polygons to 3 different objects (object is stationary, so no animation problems) and hopefully this will work.