Material Jam - a new source of digital materials


Dear artists and developers,

We welcome you to join - our growing library of digital materials.
The materials we offer are 100% ORIGINAL and FREE for everyone. We provide one free download everyday for any of the materials in our library. For those who need more downloads we have special offers.
All of our the materials come with Royalty Free License and can be used right away in your projects.

Enjoy having one more source of art assets!

Sincerely, , a service of Liman3D


Some cool textures in there! Good work.

For critique, the site itself needs some work, and the ad you posted here looks really amateur from a Photoshop perspective. Maybe work on the presentation some? It’ll help you sell more textures.


Thanks for the feedback! You are welcome!

The site will certainly evolve in time bringing more and more features. Also our main goal currently is to grow the texture library and building trust that Material Jam can be a reliable source for assets.


agree about the site itself that could be better, but the main problem for me is that you only propose color texture. People are now looking at pbr material so it’s mush better to propose texture with already good normal, spec, roughness etc… I personnaly almost don’t use straight away texture, always prefer to have already build in channel and if not possible I make them myself in substance.


Thanks, thematt!
That’s a very good point. I also prefer as artist to have all the maps already set up. Currently for about half of the gallery it is done, for example this one:,182
For the new textures added I will take this into account.