Material Dynamic and procedurals


Hi there,

I have a particle setup, where I want the particles to have a static Material A in Event 1 and then in Event 2 I want them to gradually blend to another Material B.
I created a Vrayblendmaterial and put a gradient map in the blend slot, animated that from frame 0-50, then I put a Material static into event 1 with Material A in it and in Event 2 I plugged a material dynamic with the blendmaterial in it. I set that to “restart particle age”, but it doesn´t work. If I move the materials animation range to the actual time of event 2, I can see it working, but it doesnt seem to take into consideration when any of the particles actually enter that event.

I found another thread here, where someone claimed that for procedural maps the particle flow neededt to be cached, so I already tried that, but it also didn´t work.

Any tips or tricks? Or do I need to bake the animated gradient into a bitmap sequence for it to work?
I´m really bad at baking materials, so I´d prefer to avoid that…