Matchmoving Issues With This Shot


Hello I’m having a real hard time matchmoving this shot in Boujou. I featured tracked, I target tracked the markers on the blue screen, I target tracked the doors during the pan. I’m assuming it’s because of the lack of depth information but I’ve seen films like Star Wars Episode 3 with actors completely filling the frame with a few trackers in back… Anybody out there have an idea? I feel like I just may be missing something simple that is preventing me from doing this shot? This is also Anamorphic footage and it’s my first time dealing with it.


Okay so with some great gudience and ideas from an awesome dude I was able to solve the shot. With no parallax I wasn’t able to generate a matchmove however, I solved the shot as a nodal pan for the blue screen section and it was a great work around and is going to allow me to finish the shot.

From what I understand you can use survey data from a 3D Model I’d create of the set. That’s the next thing I’m going to try to do to give myself a parallax and a solid 3D camera. The nodal pan is a pretty solid back up solution for this shot however.