Matchmover compositing question, rather urgent


Hello, i have a question regarding this excellent piece of software. Currently im working on a project at school which involves some camera tracking. Fortunately i am able to use Matchmover at school. But this is where the problem comes into play.

The scene is pretty simple, its only a desk with some stuff like boxes on it, for tracking purposes. When i tracked it manually, my results were ok, but as soon as i imported it in cinema 4d, the camera went nuts, even though the tracking of the points itself didnt oppose any problem.

When i tracked it automatically however, it all looked perfect in Matchmover, even when i placed some primitives in it, it looked perfect. The problem is, as soon as i exported the scene, it didnt look anything like the tracking done in Matchmover. I notciced several large imperfections in the tracking in cinema, even though everything looked perfect in Matchmover!

Am i doing something wrong here? I really have no idea why it looks so much worse when i export the scene!

Thanx in advance for the help!


have you set the coordinate sistem in matchmover ? and you must set the “floor” or somthing like that i do not recall how is called
sorry for my english i find it dificult to write i need some lesson`s to speak and write well


hey tnx for the tip, but i got it figured out thankgod, i exported the matchmove sequence with 25 fps, once i upped that to 30 it all worked out :slight_smile:


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