Matching the Colors from Photoshop


I’m trying to match the 3 colors on my gradient in 3ds Max background to a three colors sent by the client in a Photoshop document. Due to some color calibration or whatever, the same RGB values in Max are way more lighter than those in Photoshop.

I sample the colors in Photoshop by the eyedropper tool and entered the same RGB values to the color swatches of the standard material, as it accepts the same 0 to 255 RGB values. Tried to turn off Gamma to see if it helps but nope.

How is it possible other than a visual approximation?


Colors 1,2,3 in the image are the same and values of color 1 in both programs are selected in color swatches in image.


Change the Photoshop mode to 32-bit.


This is a input gamma issue with 3dsmax color picker.

each render engine has a ‘color map’ which u can override the gamma. So if you look here this is what you are getting currently:

Obviously the color doesnt match photoshop once you have set your values. To fix this we put a color map in the diffuse, set the gamma to 2.2 (default) and copy/paste that color swatch into here. Now when you check it in photoshop it will match.