Matching Color calibration on LCD and Cintiq


I have a Dell 2005fpw and a Cintiq12wx as my set up. The colors seem a bit more vibrant on the dell and I would like to match them both to similar color calibration. Can you suggest any good software for doing so? Mainly using a few 3d apps and CS2 and painter for texturing tools. Thanks.


This isn’t actually a Photoshop issue but what the heck I’ll answer.

Basically the issue is colour calibration. I have a Dell display (2007WFP) attached to my Mac, so I’m guessing a slightly newer or bigger one than yours. Either way, my experience with Dell displays is that they tend to over-saturate everything, as well as throw a bit of a yellow-hue on it all.

If you have a Mac you can use the built-in calibration tools. It’s in System Preferences under Displays. Each monitor can be calibrated separately.

I’m sure there’s something in Windows, but I just don’t know it since I’ve never had to. You might look into some colour calibration tools as well. They make hardware that can calibrate your monitor for you (Mac & PC). I can’t recommend any since I’ve never used any, sorry.


Windows’ color profiling only applies to applications that support that feature.
Unlike a Mac, color calibration and profiling isn’t system wide.

I believe Photoshop has a feature called “Adobe Gamma Loader” that you use to calibrate your display.
But again, it only applies to Adobe products.

You might be able to force both display devices to use the same profile, which will match the final output but won’t match display output.
Wacom provides a color profile, I’m sure of it.

Somewhere on the disc that came with your cintiq is a color profile for it.

Ultimately if you want exact color you’ll have to buy a calibration tool such as the Spyder.

I found a workaround (sort of) on another site::

The monitors have to be calibrated one at a time, so pick one to start with.
Shutdown, unplug the other monitor, then restart.

Run through your calibration process.

Find the newly created icc file in C:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\color and rename it to something easily identifiable, such as monitor-left.icc…

Repeat the above steps for the other monitor. This time your icc file could be renamed to monitor-right.icc.

Shutdown and restart with both monitors now.

Download & install Microsoft’s Color Control Panel Applet-
color applet

In the color applet, assign the appropriate icc proflies to each of your monitors.

Create a shortcut to wincolor.exe in your startup folder. Give it an ‘L’ switch to load the profiles. “C:\Program Files\Pro Imaging Powertoys\Microsoft Color Control Panel Applet for Windows XP\WinColor.exe” /L.


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