---Matcap of mudbox!?---


Yo! I had found a matcap made to look like mudbox’s standard shader but I’ve lost it. Does anybody know where to find it? I’ve been looking since yesterday, can’t find it…



Well, the point with matcap is that you can make your own materials;) Just import the image, pick a basic matcap shader. Material->modifiers, and click the icon with the shadingmap and select the imported image from the dropdown.


I don’t wont to bother making one myself since the one I had found was perfect.


Well, if you don’t want to use the image hakanpersson provided to make your own, you can check out the Mudbox style matcaps provided by Adam Lewis here:

I’ve been using them lately and they’re really cool.


Just reading by simple chance I read this thread, and I thought olivierth, you are kinda rude. Having in mind hakanpersson just spent time grabbing a picture or creating it himself AND explaining you how to create your own matcaps, which is more time than you spent looking for the matcap before asking (since a simple search in ZBC could bring you to it) and you didn’t even thank him.

Good luck with your politeness…


Hakanpersson, thanks for the mini-tute. I gave it a try and the steps didn’t really work for me in the way you described unfortunately. Here’s what I did…maybe you can tell me where I went wrong?

  1. I imported the Mudbox image you provided as a texture
  2. picked a basic white matcap material
  3. went down to the material>modifiers and picked the shading map, selected the mudbox pic
  4. it looked pretty darn good

then, i spun the polysphere around and there was some wrapping going on around the back. i mean, i think know why it happened that way, but i was wondering if i did something wrong with the method you suggested. it seemed to just map on as a texture rather than become a true matcap.

either way, thanks for the help!


Make sure you deselect the screenshot from the texture slot aswell. Otherwise you have it both as a shading map and an applied texture.

The texture might be incorrectly cut in the corners, afaik pixologic says you should crop it slightly inside the sphere. Btw theres a “scale factor” in “modifiers” aswell, cant remember what the option is named though.

(btw, Olivierth was probably aswell looking for a material that wasnt made with matcap, came across something like that the other day. )


yep, that was the problem. I just didn’t turn off the texture before applying the image. Thanks a lot man, this is great! I didn’t realize how easy it was to create a new material.


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