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Hello, I am satwik. I am a computer science graduate and i am trained in maya. Currently working as a lighting artist. I would like to consider having a masters degree in computer graphics with more inclination towards technical skills. any country or continent . If you know any program post it here. It would be of great help.

I have found one Texas A&M -college station (ms. viz)
with all the major animation and gaming studios coming for recruitment.


Both School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and Rochester Institute of Technology have masters in 3d animation. SVA masters is in computer art with various concentrations. I don’t fully know about the RIT program; but I do know that SVA has among the better masters programs in 3d computer graphics in the US. Pratt Insitute also has a program, but I don’t know much about them. They seem very experimental.


thanks a lot for the info :slight_smile:


The MS VIZ program at Texas A&M is more of a half and half mix of technical and artistic skills. If you want to be a technical director this would be a good choice. If you want to do graphics software development you might want to consider the CS program with a concentration in graphics instead. The only real difference between the two programs are the 3 or 4 required courses specified by the degree program. Just about all the graphics courses are cross listed as both CS and VIZ, so they can be used in either degree program.

Many schools have a computer science program with a concentration in computer graphics. Some places you might consider are CMU, Brown, Stanford, MIT, Harvard, UC Berkeley, University of Utah, Georgia Tech, UPenn, etc. Pick a school, look at its computer science department and see if they have graphics courses that interest you.

You might think that having companies come to your school to recruit would be highly advantageous, but personally I have not found that to really be the case. In undergrad, I attended a university where no graphics companies came to visit and we had no alumni in the field (as far as I could tell). I was still able to get internship and full-time position interviews from 2 of the major animation studios before graduation. Companies will be interested in you if you are skilled at what you do and if you can work in their country.


That’s truly insightful. Thanks a lot for the reply.

And yea you are absolutely right your work and worth is all that matters to the company. it doesn’t matter how you arrived at the knowledge you’ve gained. Your work gets the respect not the college you come from. but i felt colleges with big industry recruits have sessions where the people from the studios come over and share their experiences and i felt that would get us the temparmant of an artist. Anyways liked your reply Thank you


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