Master's degree in UK for 3D modelling


Does anyone have any idea where can i find information about Master’s degree in United Kingdom specific on 3D modelling or related.



Don’t know any degree of 3D modeling, but anyway I would advise you to search after a degree of traditionnal modeling (which is often realated to fine drawing). This way, you would learn better what’s the more interesting in modeling (whatever the tool you use).

Then, knowing right how to play with shape and volume (+ proportion management), it will be really easier to switch on 3d modeling. Creating credible models without pain.

3D is really easy to learn by your self (and thanks to communities as CGtalk). You will just have to study some stuffs like NURBS modeling, polys, Sub-D, efficient topology, quads caring, loops, polycount (in game cases) and since recently, normal maps detailing. And not really more.

Extra note : A strong traditionnal modeling background is really more valuable in studios (mainly in big animation company).

Ok ? Feed back please.


yeh can anyone shed more light on animation/3d training schools/uni in UK

don’t really see much threads about them here

oopps didn’t realize this was in the modelling section can anyone move this to the general discussion section i think there would be more replies there


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