Mastering Vray Student - Material Creation - Wip


I am currently attemping my first vray material creation. And I am looking for some pointers.

See below my recreation attempt of a coconut wood bowl material.

See below my reference image.

I cannot seem to recreate the deep ‘scratches’ on the shader. I dont want to use geometry to create the ‘scratch crevices’ as it will limit me to which mesh I can apply the shader too.

Close up image of 'scratches ’ below.

I have tried to use a normal map but It looks extremly fake.

Any help on how to create scratches in a vray shader would be greatly appriciated.

I understand this is my first attempt at creating a material and I am new to vray, so maybe I have bit of more than I can chew :argh:


p.s If anyone on here has enrolled in Grant Waricks Mastering CGI course and knows of a dedicated forum to where the MCGI community gather, than please can you point me in the right direction.


Can’t help you with the textures, but regarding community, I see Grant on his twitch acount streaming all the time (well, alot at least). I did “whine” abit to chat about him not interacting, answering questions etc and just working and got an answer that he works concentrated for some time and on the breaks he interacts with chat, answers questions etc. You might give it a shot there with your question, both texture and community one. Thou be aware that twitch is more of a chat, than a forum, also its more open to people from different backgrounds and groups, so you might find zero answers there. On the other hand, Grant is there :smiley: