Master Zap skinplus problem >


Hi All ,

i use 3ds max 2009 64 bit 

 i have problems with Master Zap's skin shader -  SSS Skinplus 


I cant seem to make this work in max...

I downloaded the SSS Fast  Skin+, Then I made a Blend and put the fast SSS+ in the Material 1 slot  and a Arch & Design material in Material 2 slot, but the SSS material isnt doing its thing... 

am I doing something wrong?

here is example :

the sceen

Skinplus only :

Blend material - Skinplus + Arch & Design :



Unfortunately, it seems that using blend material breaks the skinplus sss, I’ve encountered it as well. The composite material doesn’t seem to work either. I think your best bet is clever usage of maps to control where the scattering should be visible - skinplus has most of the controls of the Arch&Design shader, so you can get the reflections that way. That’s the whole point of skinplus - the default sss shader lacks those controls, hence the need of ‘combining’ them. Skinplus is already ‘combined’.


Thanks azazel


Yes, using “Blend” breaks the connection between the lightmapping shader in Skin+ and the material node by putting the “Blend” node in between.

This is exactly why the Skin+ exists - to be able to combine an A&D material with the SSS shaders.

The only way to make the mix you want (two A&D materials and an SSS shader) would be to make a new phenomena like skin+, something like a “skin+two” :slight_smile:



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