Master & Servant, Linda Bergkvist (2D)


Beautiful work, superb environment I like much
Sorry for my poor english


:love: Such a wonderful painting Linda. From the beginning to the last step, it was absolutly fascinating to see you work on this.

Again, i am totally in love with the fabric you painted, so subtle yet still very detailed. Every little touches here and there popping out is a pure joy to notice. Every creature you added is different from the others and them alone are a joy to see and look at all their details.

Their expressions are also better this way, conveying a little more the toughts you wanted itto convey, yet again, they are very subtle.

Not mentionning all of the symbolism in it and your writting that goes with it that just fits perfectly. :slight_smile:

I think this is what i actually prefer the most about your paintings; the subtlety of the detailing, making them very soft for the eye, sometime almost not noticeable, but it is there and of course your writting and stories, the way you illustrate them to tell the story graphically. And of course the way you use colors in such a way that we can take it as a detail telling the story itself.

I’m not sure of what else i could add that has not been mentionned yet so i’ll leave it there, enoguh for now. Gorgeous painting once again. Your rest is well deserved, after all those hours staying up to work on this, but don’t exhaust yourself too much!

Take care, Linda! :slight_smile:


Omg, this is simply amazing! :applause:


Hello Linda, :slight_smile:
As I said in your M/S thread, this illustration is absolutely breathtaking, wonderful, and perfect. I’m very glad to get a chance to see a larger version, as I can see even more details of the image that I wasn’t aware of before (like the freckles on the girl). Excellence. :applause:

On another note, thank you very much for allowing me to use your M/S entry as an example of digital art for my Informative Speech in college last week :slight_smile: . My classmates were completely floored to see that a person could create such a beautiful artwork on the computer; anyone who ever says that digital art is an automated, cold, and emotionless medium after having seen any of your works is utterly insane as you are living proof that it is artist who is responsible for creating Art, not the medium. Thanks again. :slight_smile:


Amazing piece of work! Leaves me breathless.


Keight – Aw, thank you. I think most people have an image in their heads when they start out on a painting, and it’s pretty impossible to actually reach that vision. Part of the fun is trying, though.

Schaal – thank you kindly… Alma-Tadema and Waterhouse are among my favourite painters. Romantic art always strikes a chord with me, and I try to grapple with it in my own little way. It’s a great compliment to hear that I remind you of their wonderful work, thank you.

Raoshu – Thank you :] That is a very interesting interpretation of the piece - I love to see that people ‘see’ things in the painting, just like I was hoping to.

Sylvana – I saw that comment and it really made me blush (and it is, again). Thank you so much, Steph, that means a lot to me. You were one of the people who really supported me throughout the thread, and I am truly grateful for that :]

Francescaluce – Thank you :] I’m not entirely sure what you mean about the words being wrong, but, it’s all a matter of interpretation I suppose.

Lauren – Aw, thanks. I really, really appreciated your input in the thread - I love how you’re never afraid to point out when I’ve messed up somehow, it’s that kind of constructive criticism that I really need… and part of what made this challenge so wonderful to partake in. I hope you’ll join in next time around :smiley: Haha, and yeah, I changed the signature - this wonderful lady who is helping me out with my business suggested that unless I intend to trademark Enayla, it’s better if I sign the paintings with my actual name. She’s right, of course, so there we are… using Linda Bergkvist instead of the good ol’ E.

Red rocket – Thank you :smiley:

Lilie – Thank you :smiley: You’re always such a total sweetheart. A very heartwarming comment, put a big smile on my lips.

GekiSan – Thanks :smiley: Hilarious avatar, by the way, ha ha, it’s almost scary.

ArtisticVisions – Thank you very much. And you’re totally welcome - it’s an honour to know someone’s used me to demonstrate a point in a speech, heheh. So, anytime <3

Queensoul – Thankee :] I’m glad you like it.

Heheh, while I was typing this, someone gave the piece a vote of 1. I’d have loved to have known the reasons behind the vote - according to someone I must have failed terribly in the painting. It would have been nice to have known where I messed up.


OMG :eek:
MAGNIFICENT! Concept, colors, details, technique… Mmmm, it’s PERFECT!
Respect! I wish u win :wink:


Mehh… Its ok i suppose…


Frickin amazing work, linda! I stayed relatively quiet on your WIP thread cos i couldnt possibly find anything to suggest or crit!
All i can say, is well done, and congrats on gracing the cover of the future M&S book - Its pretty much as good as yours anyway!

Its great to see a modern painter who embraces the rich qualities of the classical painters like bougeaureu (spelling?) and waterhouse.

Your entry and poshspice’s entry are my 2 fave ones in the whole comp - 2d or 3d!



There’s little to add to the glowing comments from other members, but I wanted to be part of the five-star sweep for this beautiful in every way painting! it is nothing short of a masterpiece. :wise:


Wow its just inhuman…so perfect. It make me feel a lot of emotions…


Seeing you post works like this makes me want to paint more and more. Such a high details and impeccable lighting and moods. Adorable. I hope you can forgive me when i write you some small minor critties:

The foreground is very full. I always try to recognise a line that connects all attention-objects to each other but its hard to see a pattern in this piece. From a distance, nothing is wrong, the birds blend well with the background. But from nearby, i dont know where to start to look.

An extra layer for the environment to create more depth. From another site i learnt that you have to place at least 3 layers; foreground, middle and background. You have them in your other works!

In one of your wips, the woman to the right wasnt looking to the woman but to a bird instead. I really loved that. It completes the distant cold expression she has next to the mask and the way she holds her. But i could be wrong, maybe she was never watching a bird. I didnt see it at such a high resolution like i do now.

If you flipped it back, there would be more emphasis on the blonde falling into the arms of the other girl. We western people read from left to right even with paintings so you’ll be like almost pushing her in her arms. But its ok if that wasnt your intention.


Hey Linda! Congrats on this Painting! It’s definetly one of you best!
Hope you find some time for Typing now :wink:



hi Linda

i feel like the kid next door on the tricycle (in The Incredibles) when he screams with excitement - “That was totally WICKED!!!

truly exceptional…!
All The Best!



Hi Linda,

you definately painted just a dream! congratulations again on your most beautifull and deep work. best of luck and all the best :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: keep on rocking!



Thank you for showing us what is possible.



[left]I’m sorry for not posting before:sad:, had I seen it sooner I would have allready. but…:cry:…it’s gorgeous!

        I've said it before Linda, but I just have to's plain magic how you portrayed nature, I absolutely love her! I'm glad you took out the more gorey blood on her. The revearance (sp?) for nature is so alive in you. I just love it! 
      I would have you know what I love about it, seems the least I can do. So here goes.
                 The pose is really beautiful and strong, reminds me of a horse:p, the elegance in the balancing she does. I absolutely love her face and the flow of the details! I'm a sucker for these little extra's. The butterflies and the mask, just the life in and around her face. 

And the placement of them catches my eye right off, And brings the tension out rapidly, natures look and expression have this effortless speech or intent in her resolve on her, it’s a joy to see. The time and care spent on the details really shows.:blush: The ranting would never end here…
I’m just trying to put thoughts into words, which I’m not particularly known for doing well. Just telling what I read/sense/feel of it, if you will…:surprised
Aiieee!!! The whole energy and poise of the composition, the elegance in the forms, the stunning details. You have such great insight into colours I tell you, it’s beyond me! For instance the big red apples on top right, anyone else would have muddled the balance there. Now it adds to the tension and dramatic energy, I mean I feel like the bird in top right is trying to lash out in revenge or fear. I could just go on with it, I’m such a softy for such paintings.
Well I better give it up…I’m a sucker for this painting, I feel like a derelict treehugger again. ;)It wakes that passion again, Just want to thank you for showing a bigger version to us. It’s going on my desktop, simply because it inspires me to better character work, attention to detail and drama.
So I hope this helps a bit with your depression, it has real effect, your work. :blush:I feel rather embarassed now, but no sense in deleting after trying so hard to explain.
PS:Some Sweeds I know passed me this link, maybe you can have a laugh with it too, the text is swedish I think. <insert anything here> or just press random for a random one. Here’s one I like: blink
and this one’s pretty weird too, lol: blop
Won’t go for this guy probably (argh out of smiley budget): bwoop
It’s good to relax a bit and laugh. Listen to the laughing yogi winks



gorgeous. I followed your thread closely, loved to see how you work. The power of this picture lies in the details. They’re everywhere, every close-up is a piece of art on itself. I really would love to have a printed copy of this one. Are you gonna sell it as a poster?

If not, I’ll probably buy the M&S-book that will come out.


This is possibly one of my favourite pieces of art since the rennaissance time.


Smooth Stuff Linda
My favoret part is the blond girls feet :buttrock:


OMFG, this is incredible. Absolutely stunning!