Master & Servant, Linda Bergkvist (2D)


a wondefull piece of art, the detail are incredible. On the foot of the woman, the detail are amazing of reality, impresive


totally worship your talent :thumbsup:
as I said somewhere lost (the master and servant entry post) it makes me want to cry :°)


Not much to say: Godlike! ^^
Wonderful colours and great sense of motion and poses,
You have got my vote for the m&s challenge :wink:


Once again amazing work!! I love seeing the close ups all the little details are amazing. My best wishes to you in the challenge I’m sure you will do well.

Magnificant piece thankyou for honour of letting us see your progress :slight_smile:


Well…! What can I write that hasn’t already been written that compliments your well deserved example of artistic genius. I remember first being made aware of your art around two weeks into the challenge, which provoked a response from me in your thread which went simply…‘Gobsmacked!’ That’s all I wrote, because I’ve never before and still haven’t seen anyone paint that well digitally. I mean that as well. I’m constantly looking through the net for interesting artists (like one does, to see what is out there, and what it takes to be a great artist) Well Enayla, I think you have a special gift, and from this point on, I will always seek out your art to see what you are up to, and to watch your development because quite frankly I think you’re excellent.

Like I once wrote…Gobsmacked!

Keep up the good work.



I like the story behind this, it is interesting the way that we personify things and maybe we need to do more of it to tell stories relevent to todays issues.

Beautifully painted of course. I think you pushed the bar up a little on this one - there is a real subtlety in the skin tones. I particularly like the feet - they remind me of some of Caravaggios paintings ( I think he was the first to paint dirty feet ).

I have always loved the way that you get so much colour variety but at the same time each image has an overiding colour. Something I failed to do in my challenge entry.

You are a master


Wow…amazing atmosphere! Simply beautiful!

Thanks for the inspiration signorina. :o)


superb …:buttrock: …nice paiting …!!!"


peace, pete


(I´m always getting this message when I´m trying to rate your pic.:

“According to our records you have already voted on this thread. Changing votes is not allowed.”

The first time I tried, it worked. I gave you 5 of course but since than this message is showing up… :wink: )


Great work as always. You have a really elegant tecnique.


the technique is superb, but it is even surpassed by its content.
you really used your great skills to tell a very actual story in an magnificent way.
I like the different thematic layers of this image alot.
First the two women standing there and the question what holds them together. the sensual tension between them, but also some danger.
then the animals arround, first looking cute and nice, but giving it a closer look we see that there is also dead an destruction …
very complex painting

good luck


what can I say ? This is truly breathtaking stuff !
wonderful piece Linda very impressive


:bounce: Ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmazing work :thumbsup:
I don’t know what i say ( no comment )


Peachysticks – Thank you :] the decision to flip it was a difficult one to make. Usually, when I keep the process to myself, I flip the picture back and forth a LOT of times, and then just pick the best one, and no one’s the wiser for it… but in this case, everyone had managed to get used to the other version and when I ended up liking THIS version more, it was difficult. I’m glad I went with this though, and happy you think it’s better this way :smiley:

Sulla – Thank you :] And yea, one can’t satisfy everyone’s wishes. There’s sort of a process article in the Master and Servant thread, and if that’s not in your taste, you’ll have to pick up D’artiste :]

THE CLYKE – Thank you kindly :slight_smile:

Empath – Aw, thanks! I’m hoping I’ll be able to sell the print in huge size through cgprints when it’s set up :]

D-NA – Thank you :] I really appreciated all your comments in my M&S thread, and I’m sorry I never got to respond to everything there… there was just a bit too much TO respond to at the same time as I was trying to paint, ha ha.

MDN67 – Thanks :] The feet ended up being almost overworked because I was trying so hard to get them right - it’s difficult painting things you don’t really ‘like’ to paint, you know?

Morgue – Thankee :]

Frameless - Thank you very much :] No voting this time around, though, heheh.

Enialadam – Thanks :] Best wishes to you, too!

Paul – :blush: Wow, thanks. That’s one of the sweetest comments I’ve ever received… much appreciated.

John Keates – Thank you :] I’m always SO thrilled to hear that someone likes the way I did the feet as they were, without the shadow of a doubt, the most difficult part of this painting for me.

AmaThuS – Thank you :smiley:

Direnda – Thank you :]

Peteboy – Hahah, aw, thanks! <3

Giza – Thanks :slight_smile:

Mimo8 – Thanks :] for once, I felt I had almost too much I wanted to say with this one piece, while wanting to keep it discreet and not forcing my opinions on the viewer, nor making the story too obvious. I like looking at pictures and figuring the relationships out - that’s what I was aiming for. Again, thank you.

Abourabe – Much appreciated :] Thanks!

Eternal Art – :bounce: thank you!


Of all of the pieces I’ve been able to see of this challenge, this piece is the one that most clearly, thoroughly, and beautifully, illustrates the well concieved concept on which it is founded. Though I know you can clearly see where you feel you couldn’t quite match the glowing image in your mind, you’ve already said as much, we viewers cannot. I do think it is wonderfully beautiful and thoroughly worth all of your effort. Good luck with the voting.



Great image.

Very misterious, very attractive, reminds me great painters of 19 century, like Alma -Tadema and Waterhouse, but you bring something new and very personal to the romantic art.

And your talent surpass any medium, digital or traditional.

Good luck in the challenge.

Bye :slight_smile:



the countenance of your “nature”-----treasure and feel sorry for hurmanity

the countenance of your “humanity”-----calm and willful

theme and detail, skilful and ponder, :thumbsup: i think the vitality of art is the thought of the artist!!


Ok, I already wrote this entire comment in the Master and Servant entry, and it was really long. I think this painting deserves to hear it all over again, and you too, so I copied and pasted it here (lazy I know, but it’s got to do with lack of time and already having written it):

[b]My god…this is just…ugh, I can’t think of a word that would properly describe this, because any word I think of is an understatement. This is just…supercalifragilisticexpealidocious. :blush:

Everything is gorgeous, all the details, they’re just astounding. Let’s see just how long of a comment I can make on this, hmm?

clears throat

The dress patterns are so beautiful, they add a lot of reality to the characters in a very subtle way. They are very easy on the eye and create interest in the fabric. The flowers and such popping out of Nature’s dress are perfect, they truly look as though they are part of it. The insects are great, they look just like they should, and the butterflies are so amazing. The detail you put in every single wing, it’s just astounding. And each butterfly is different, with different color schemes for each and different patterns. Wonderful.

The birds need a whole paragraph to themselves, because they are great! I love how you made their feathers shiny and slightly iridescent. That’s something that really helped with the realism of the birds, because, if I remember correctly, you made these fellas up. But one would never guess that when looking at this image. I particularly like the turquiose bird who’s wing is deteriorating behind Humanity. But I also like the red-headed on behind Nature’s head, because it’s beak looks so exotic and yet so real.

The faces are gorgeous. I really think that opening up Nature’s mouth helped bring out the emotion on her face, she looks a bit more surprised that Humanity has just fallen into her arms, resistant and yet ready for her. Humanity is great as well, she has a wonderfully evil look on her face. She is most certainly “spoiled”. She seems very haughty and self-centered. She knows that Nature will catch her.

The background is great. It’s so discreet, but really detailed. Amazing work on that. The peaches are great, so full of color and liveliness, it just makes me want to pluck one out of the painting and eat it (that is, if I liked peaches to begin with, LOL). I really like the little bird sitting on the branch. One thing that really sticks out is the grass behind Nature. It looks so realistic that its just…hmm, wonderful! Everything in the grass, and the trees and everything, it’s just great.

Overall, I give it two very, very happy thumbs up. This painting rocks, I love it, it’s great. I can only dream of painting a picture as detailed as this someday in my life. dreams

Keep up the wonderful paintings, Linda, because this one is great, and I look forward to more.[/b]

And I truly mean it too.


incredible picture !!
it is also incredible how all your words about, in the introduction,
are completely wrong and at the end is always your obsession
that come out.



Oh, Linda… this bigger version makes it even better. I can’t even grasp how much detail was put into this piece… My favorite parts are the feet (all the more amazing that they turned out so wonderfully, because I know they give you trouble), Humanity’s freckles (<3!), that half-skeletal bird behind Huamity, and the tassle things on Nature’s dress. I don’t even need to mention their faces–and I’m flabbergasted at how well you managed to mesh so much detail next to Nature’s mask and not overpower her expression. This has been a learning experience for us all, methinks. <3 But more than anything, thank -you- for being so incredibly receptive to everyone else’s suggestions (and for having the stubborness to go back and act on those suggestions). You’re absolutely inspiring. <3<3 Can’t express how enriching seeing your process and all the generous detail shots has been for me. This piece is phenomenal. Good luck! :smiley:

(Squee, you changed your signature! Hahah, I’m so used to seeing the E; its weird to see your name instead ;D )