Master & Servant, Linda Bergkvist (2D)


Title: Master & Servant
Name: Linda Bergkvist
Country: Sweden
Software: Photoshop

So… this is my Master & Servant entry. Firstly, I just want to say thanks, again, to all the people who helped me out with this one. I don’t think I’ve ever painted anything else that I put so much time and effort into, and thanks to the very focused crits, repainted and redid things that just didn’t ‘work’ in it. Congratulations on everyone who finished theirs - and those who didn’t, don’t worry, we’ll have equal fun on the next challenge! Anyway, I’m partly posting this so that those who feel like, can see a much bigger version of it :slight_smile:
Here are some close-ups if you’re interested:

For those who haven’t seen the actual M&S entry, here’s the write up that goes along with it:
At times, Nature is the master of Humanity… and at other times, Humanity certainly rules Nature.
Nature makes us hurry inside when she weeps rain upon the world. With hurricanes, she toys with us. Tornadoes are used to punish, earthquakes to throw us about like pebbles in a child’s game. We live on her land, and through that, she rules over us. Our very bodies belong to her - they age in rhythm with her, and they are subject to urges and desires that she imposes on us. In some ways, we’re little but slaves to Nature’s ways.
But Humanity… on the other hand… has found another way to dominate. Humanity destroys what we touch. We reach out towards pretty things in greed, and leave a trail of death behind. We fence the woods in, we run over the animals and poison the seas. Ours is a different kind of mastery but it is one nevertheless. Nature serves us because she has no other choice. Humanity always expects Nature to mend what damage we’ve done: heal the woods burned down, return the animals hunted to extinction and cleanse the seas… never considering what will happen the day Nature is no longer there to catch us.
In this piece, I tried to show this relationship. Humanity a naïve yet destructive burden, the smile on her lips slight and dreamy as she thinks of the beautiful flowers she will pluck and the lovely birds she will see while all around her these very things now fade away. She’s blind to the destruction she causes. She knows that Nature will be there for her, she knows that there will always be the scent of flowers and always the gentle surge of the sea. She is Nature’s master in that Nature has no choice but to try to catch her and always try to mend the damage she has done… but she is Nature’s slave because she must breathe the air, drink the water and eat the food that only Nature can give her.


Simply perfect! Amazing work!!!
Good luck for the challenge, it’s in a very good way for sure!!


Nothing to say anymore That’s a perfect paint!

5 stars is not enought!



Aggred :thumbsup:


It’s sooooooo brilliant!!!
Great color and great atmosphere, I love th style.
6 stars!


Hi Linda,

Congratulations with finishing this beautifull masterpiece, IMO and that of a lot more viewers and participants of the challenge this is definitly the most amazing piece of em all. It was great watching your process, very inspiring.


Absoulutely Agree. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:


Yay Linda!

Wow your final image turned out amazing. I’ve been watching your M&S thread from the beginning, and found it very enlightening to observe the process you go through from concept to final creation. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this painting. The details, color, lighting, and thematic elements in this piece are absolutely incredible. I hope you will be selling prints of this sometime in the near future :).

You talked in your thread about post-creative depression. I hope you feel better soon :). Take some time off, go for a walk with Azrael, and find some new inspiration for your next image. I know it will be great as well.

Again, thanks for inspiring so many of us :thumbsup:.



Stunning women, and stunning work :smiley:


hi Linda,:slight_smile:
i saw some of ur amazing works here.they’re very impressive!!love every pieces i’ve seen.they have many things deep more than beauty.:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
anyway i’m wondered how the man-potrait made by u should be.i’m sorry if u’ve post it somewhere but i did’n see or if i make u bore with my bad Eng. :blush: :banghead:
cheers.:thumbsup: :buttrock:


Once again i am no less than amazed by your work. Don’t ever stop painting :slight_smile:

Fiduciose is right when he said that 5 stars isnt enough. i really hope you win the contest.

good luck!


Lovely work Linda. very nice way of painting traditionally in digital medium. You captured that old master painting style. Great job and GOodluck :applause:



I can´t believe my eyes… and I can´t say anything, this picture speak by herself…


Wonderful!Each of your work is really very very beautiful and amazing!I love it so much!:thumbsup:


Just checking in and responding a little before trying to sleep again :]

Topspin – thank you very kindly :]

FIDUCIOSE – thank you so much :] I must admit to having voted 5 for yours as well, heheh. It’s such a gorgeous piece, I’m glad you like mine.

Ac0rn – Thank you :]

Neochris – Thank you - it’s always wonderful to hear that the work I put into the colours is appreciated. They’re always what I work the hardest at, I think.

Rudeone – Thank you very much :love: I’ve found this challenge to be so intensely inspiring. It was quite wonderful to work alongside all these great artists, get so much input, and then see their takes on the same theme. It’s like the daily sketch group, only bigger!

lexManarae – Thank you :smiley:

bcairns – Thanks :] It’s funny how many stages one goes through with an image. From liking the idea, to hating it, to being disappointed in oneself to being proud of accomplishing something new. With this piece, I’m happy to say I’ve done the very best I could with it - that’s not often I can say that: usually, something intervenes… you run out of time or you have to give up for one reason or other, you know? I feel like it’s done :] It’s been such a strange thing having a thread where people could see this process which is usually very internal. And thanks, regarding the post-creative stuff, I’m feeling a little better already. I spent the evening with a good friend, chatting, we had lots of fun and she is such a cheerful girl she always picks my mood up.

JMcWilliams – Thanks <3 Love your piece as well. Excellent work there, I’ll go comment on it in a bit.

Xric7 – Aw, thank you. I think your piece is one of the strongest of a challenge, so that’s a big compliment coming from you. Thank you very much.

Retsbabe – Thank you :] I promise I won’t stop, lest I go blind or lose the use of my hands, heheh.

Arc80 – Thank you :} The old artists are my greatest inspiration.

Plaguelord – thank you very much :]

Mutou – Thank you for your sweet words :]


Nothing much left to say =D except maybe, I like how you decided to flip it at the end, personally I think it does look better this way, good job on the feet even though you don’t like painting them, this is beautiful, you should be proud. :slight_smile:


Always nice skill style and color. But cant say I normaly like the subject matter but thats more personal tast:) Have you done an article on the way you creat your images yet?




Already posted this as my background… any chance of this being available as a poster at some point?
As for the work itself, I’ve already drooled on you enough… :drool:


I’ve ran out of words for this one. I’m sorry ._.

Just wanted you to know that the whole creation process was stunning - I’ve learned more than I ever thought I would, especially about colours and colouring (my weaker side, eh >_>;:wink: You should do something similar again, hehe :wink:

And seeing it this big… wow, just wow.