Master Piece Optimus Prime


This is my attempt for Polygon modeling with more detail
After the 20th anniversary Master Piece Optimus Prime came out I just HAD to make a model of it in 3D! But the model isn’t going to be exactly the same as the toy. I’m going to try and combine all the different ART i’ve seen and pick out certain parts I like and put them together - head, arms, legs, etc. Hope you guys like it =)


Is there anyway to smooth certain parts? I want to smooth just the area above the front window of the chest instead of smoothing the whole thing cuz it messes everything up.
I’m using Maya


yeah you just pick the faces you want to smooth and then hit smooth…


lookin good!!


Awesome… I am keeping track of this one…

ahh the memmories…


thanks for the comments guys

here’s a simple blinn test


haven’t decided how to make the arms yet =P


YES! HE HAS ARMS! but no hands =(


After taking a look at different styles of Optimus Primes I’ve decided to give the legs especially the FOOT a more “anime” look. It makes the toe bend a little better too =)


Looks better and better with each post!


very nice start…
this brings back nice memories :smiley:

are you gonna make an animated transform for it? that would be totally awesome


it’s been a while since i posted any updates =P
here’s my most recent model
are the legs too big?


Looking good. I like the details. On with the texture!


nice, huge huge improvement after the new update!

but like u said, the legs are a big on the wide side, just scale 'em in a tad.

also, i think the base for the smokestacks on his shoulders should be bigger.

and where’s Prime’s wicked rifle? get goin on that!

otherwise, great lookin


I sold all my old transformers, due to lack of space and money. I feel really bad about that right now (especially since I could’ve made alot more now :))

The model looks really good, almost exactly how I remember Optimus. What could be better are the hands; they should be a tad bigger I think. Here’s what I’m talking about:

The legs are def too big. Remember that his legs have to transform into the backpart of the truck. So they have to be able to stand straight up while in robot form, not slightly angled like this.

A little idea; add the window-wipers to the windshields for some extra detail in that area.


Thanks guys for all your replies =)

I’m glad you all like it.

Geese Howard - Thanks for the comments! I’m working on the rifle as we speak =)

RoadKill - Great references! I especially like the statue! Definitely gave me some ideas on how to texture him

Alright back to work!


Nice work. I really like the legs, but they seem to stand out when compared to the body. Too much detail in them compared to the upper body. I don’t see a problem wit the hand sizes, but I think the upper shoulders are a little too small.

I have a lot of ref pic if you want them. I collected them when I was planning on doing my own model of Prime. Let me know if you want them


but can he transform?


I got a little carried away with the legs and left the upper body as it is =P gonna add some details soon
No plans to animate him yet, my goal is to create a nice still image first. Rigging gives me a headache >_<

Here is the same image but with a GUN!


Styley, very styley.