Master of The Bottle, Khalid A. Al-Muharraqi (3D)


Title: Master of The Bottle
Name: Khalid A. Al-Muharraqi
Country: Bahrain
Software: Lightwave 3D, Modo, ZBrush

Hi All,
I created this image from the old stories of the Jinee that was enslaved in the bottle for thousands of years. well this my version, it’s when the Jinee fully forms or appears to the little Kid, very soon he will know that he will be a Master,

The final render is on Modo.

I hope you all enjoy,


wow…excellent Khalid :slight_smile:
i always wished that i could have bottle like that :wink:
i like the smoke coming from bottle and specially the background…!
please post some wires :slight_smile:


I really don’t have any crits to say about this image. I just think it is superb. It has a great sense of scale and really conveys a story to the viewer. Top work mate!


nothing to say.

brilliant :smiley:

alwaysa loved your works.:applause:
congrads again:thumbsup:


Suprised there aren’t more comments about this.



Very good work. I don’t have any criticism, but it would be cool if the two seagulls on the ground was about to fly away like they where a little spooked.

Anyways… Superb work :thumbsup:


excelent work as Always - Im Very Fan for your arabic Style work - your #1

Just 1 thing i notice it according to this pic of Art \

1-The 2 calm Birds on the left - it is give me a calm feel - and this scene is not as calm as this 2 birds staying without any attention to this Great master of the bottle i think it will be great to give them a feel of terror and standing to runaway

2- The background of the skys and clouds and smoke is very good - just the sea i think the material is very grainy too much

3 - the material of all scene is a pic Of art as always


Oh-My my my-!!

Thanks everyone for all the nice coments, happy you liked it

… I will for sure be positng some of the detailed very soon :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


heres some ZB3 guys…
more on the way…


excellent as always khalid!

I agree with the other comments regarding the tow calm birds!

but still 5 stars work, congrats


about the bird issue … :slight_smile: ok… I understand your point, but this is a high rez image, and I did not upload the full scale one, if you look at the attachmen, you will finf that the birds are lonching in there run… so, they are going away, but this is a pose at the moment when the creature… apears to the Boy :wink:

and BIG thank for your nice words… really happy you enjoyed.!


Some wires :wink: on Modo


Perfect Work :applause:


here is some LW Rigging with the Posing…


Now, that is a Djinn! Love the way his right foot is still in the solidification process! 5*'s!



Bravo Kahlid !

Very nice modeling, cool posing and good render !

Oriental legends are a very good sources of inspiration.




Great work!



Excellent work Khalid …

Show you lovers of old stories, your work wonderful, but I think that The Bottle different from what we see on television (jug golden color) in the Arab stories, I wish you brought turban of the child …

Wonderful and beautiful …



Mind thrilling picture, it has a feeling of motion. And cool character design aswell.


Khalid ! Wow !

Long time no see your work now.

This is how a Djin (Jinne or anyway you may call them) looks like to me ! :scream:
Funny encounter with the boy, seems he’s gonna wish a tranquilizer as his first wish to the Djin… lol

This is going to my preferred images folder ! :slight_smile:

Cheers, see ya friend,