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This thread is for posting links to ORIGINAL MASTER DRAWINGS ~ NOT your drawings, but the ORIGINALS BY THE GREAT MASTERS.

Thanks in advance for your posts! :slight_smile:



Transfer posted these:

Annibale Carraci 1597 Study of Paris
Michelangelo Study of Lybian
MIchelangelo, Two Figures (Red Chalk)
Pierre Paul Prud’hon, Study Man
Pierre Paul Prud’hon, Study Woman
Pierre Paul Prud’hon, Study Woman
Raphael, Nude Man with raised arms
Raphael, two men nudes
Peter Paul Rubens, Seated nude youth
Peter Paul Rubens, Study for a crucified man

Thanks to Transfer for these great links!



This is the Andrew Loomis original book, no longer in publication: (24mb)

The others are relatively easy to find, this one took a bit of searching, so i thought I’d let people have the address before its gone. For general information, Andrew Loomis is arguably THE most important illustrator to write down his teachings in published media, his books are now all out of print and cost hundreds of dollars each for second hand copies.


magic man,

Thank you for this great post! I definitely saved this, as I’m sure I will be referencing it often!

I did recently purchase this book, Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth ~ used of course ~ and the guy was truly amazing.

Thanks for the post!



Ha, no problems, I was thinking about purchasing it myself, its an awesom reference, how much did you pay for it? The prices I’ve seen are around $185.00+


magic man,

For the Loomis Book, I paid about…jeez, $135? I bought a “slightly damaged” copy which didn’t turn out to be that bad at all ~ of course, the cover is not perfect, but who cares about the cover? :slight_smile: In truth, I haven’t delved as deeply into it as I should have, but it’s great to know that I have a true Loomis book sitting happily in the midst of my collection!

Thanks for the post! :slight_smile:



Have you looked at any of the other ones? I’ll shoot you a link for the remaining 5 of his books, they are great, he has such an amazing way of engaging the reader through his written word, I think that is really what sets him apart from all the other how-to instruction books, and really delves into the phsychological aspect of art, 126+mb file. Get it while it lasts.


$135!? i guess they really are out of print! i recently got this book from someone posting it on the gesture drawing thread and it has REALLY helped me learn in that short time. i wish he gave more detail to anatomy though. this book is a great resource, IMO, but i’ve never seen any other drawing books haha.

as for the masters, here’s michelangelo’s “dude over prophet daniel”


Ops…yes…i didn’t read it well… Two sites where we can search drawings…

Inventory of the Department of Prints and Drawings, Museum Louvre

In this site you can search with several criteria: author, school, age, technique, subjet…etc

The Art Renewal Center

thousands of high-quality pictures. you can search by author,birth,country
example: Pierre-Paul Prud’hon


magic man wrote:

Have you looked at any of the other ones? I’ll shoot you a link for the remaining 5 of his books, they are great…

magic man,

Just downloaded the zip file, AWESOME link, thank you for posting this ~ I encourage everyone to download it NOW. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


[color=paleturquoise]Transfer, AWESOME links! Thank you! :)[/color]


Thank you MagicMan! that link is BRILLIANT!!:thumbsup:


Don’t forget about this thread, either :slight_smile: bump


awesome leonardo da vinci resource:



Very nice indeed, thanks for that! Though it should be said, due to the hi~resolution images the ARC website contains, the site is pretty slow to load (but worth the wait).

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Wow i was just looking for some Original Master drawings but Google only gave me Master Copies.Thanks!


Does anyone have a better resolution of this one ?


If you have better quality versions please let me know


More prudhom drawings…


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