Master Copies - Post Your Copies From The Great Masters! 2D/3D D/T DRWG/PTG/SCULPTURE


How I spent my Saturday. Around 6 hours for all three. From the book “Sixteenth-Century Tuscan Drawings From the Uffizi”.


I love Durer’s work, here is his “Study of an Old Man” I did recently.

Done in Painter, using charcoal. Copied from a book. I am working on a painting of his “Man of Sorrows” as well.



Wow, there are several posts here that I was not aware of!


You are welcome! I hope to see more of your work! :slight_smile:

Pinoy McGee,

I’m sorry, I had not seen this post! These are lovely copies! :slight_smile:

Justin Hunt,

Very cool work! I think the way you painted the beard is especially nice! :thumbsup: I think it’s cool to see the Old Masters being copied into the Digital Age! :slight_smile: Will you be participating in the Open Figure Drawing Workshop 002? :slight_smile:



IF I have a chance tonight I shall have a go. I must admit that I keep on forgetting to check up on these fantaic threads, even though they are the ones that have inspired me to pick up the pencile again. I am having a ball. With two very young kids I don’t get much time to myself, let alone set up my easil, so digital painting has been a great benifit to me. Even my 3yr son loves to paint on the computer. But I do miss the texture, smell and feeling of pushing oil paint around a canvass.

Thanks for the inspiration and the lessons. Being self taught I am learning alot:thumbsup:



Hi there, I did a couple of drawings from some X-Men books a while ago, about 7 of them in total. The only one I have scanned right now is the one I consider my best:

Unfortunately, all my comics were lost when we had a flood in January of this year (Im in Guyana) so I cant provide the original pic.

Then I tried to colour it, of course I had an excellent guide (the comic itself):

This is the first time I’ve tried colouring anything.
I’ve downloaded Loomis’ books and I plan to practice a lot on my drawing skills, and I’m buying Digital Character design and painting by Seegmiler. So, I hope in a little while to be posting much more, and to get much better, this forum is an excellent resource, and gj on all the hard work rebecca.



Hi there, and welcome to the Forum! I did not see your post until just now, but it’s great to see your work!! :slight_smile:

I think it’s cool that you’ve copied from comics. :slight_smile: However, I really believe that you will learn much more in terms of anatomy from masters like Michelangelo, Rubens, and Raphael.
Oftentimes, work copied from comics begins to look the same, and you will want to develop your own style. :slight_smile:

Good to have you on the forum, and thank you for your kind words! Hope to see more of your work! :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



A Durer study of feet (I’ll see if I can find the original again!):

Feet are tricky! :smiley:



Wow, verrrrrrry nice drawing!! I like how you’ve reproduced the trademark green tone to AD’s paper…and the white highlight shading on that left foot is looking fabulous! I think it’s a great idea to work on a ‘toned’ bkgrd straight from the start, you have your midtone straight away, and need not bother with it…keep the good work coming! :thumbsup:

Cheers! :slight_smile:



Thanks Rebecca, you’re always so supportive! :smiley: I agree about the coloured background. I can’t stand doing a piece on stark white.


Cool Durer piece there erilaz.

Here’s a couple more from me. Dedicated to my mother.


You’re pulling out some great studies there PinoyMcGee! Love the Boscoli.


Yo, newb artist here, started drawing about 7 months ago. Now I’m doing master copies per Rebecca’s recommendation. I’m going to try to do about 30 by the end of this month. Here are the first 3, in order. Critiques/comments are very welcome.

Michelangelo’s Sybil
(First time cross hatching)

Carracci (? Not sure of the name of this piece)


Davinci Hands

Fun stuff :slight_smile:


Pinoy McGee,

Wow, I LOVE the copy of Boscoli…beautiful shading technique there! Is that done in Photoshop? Thanks for posting! :thumbsup:


Terrific, I’m thrilled to see you’ve started on the copies! The DaVinci copy is really beautiful, definitely copy the artists you love the most, as it will show in your artwork. Keep going, and keep posting these! :slight_smile:

Cheers guys, :slight_smile:



Rebecca: Thanks so much for your recommendation and the kind comments. I am learning an incredible amount from doing these copies and I’m very happy with my progress.

I’m really liking DaVinci’s sketch style, shading over the entire drawing and then erasing out the highlights makes sense to me. I think I did a better job on the hands than the horse, Lack of sleep made me sloppy. Instead of doing light shading and building up, I was too heavy handed from the start. But, it was still a great learning experience, never drawn a horse before.
DaVinci Horse


Keep it up Slybones. It’s definitely a beneficial practice. Relaxing too, brings me into almost a meditative state. It’s different than when I’m charging away on a personal piece where the adrenalin is flowing sometimes.

Thanks erilaz and Rebecca. Check out a picture of the original if you can or even the actual drawing, wherever it is. It looks truly amazing. The copy was primarily done in Painter IX and then tweaked in PS CS. You’d think it’s faster to do master copies in digital but I’m finding myself spending 3-5 hours or more per copy (I work 4x the size of what’s posted).

Experimenting now with Painter’s ink tools. So I’ll probably do an inkline or engraving series next or tackle something a little bit more complex, say by Gustave Dore for instance.

I’ll post them here soon as they’re done. :thumbsup:



Great work!! :thumbsup: You are doing a terrific job so far, and I think you are really coming a long way in these studies…you are really getting a sense of volume in the horse studies…imagine where you will be in a few weeks when you’ve done 20+ more! Keep going, and keep posting! :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



This is not necessarily a copy from a great master, rather than a photo I saw that believed would be a great painting if put in my own artistic mindset. My purpose was to emulate while bringing in auburn colors to emphasize the warmth of her gaze, hence the title “A Woman’s Gaze”

I used soft brushes for the base, harder brushes for the hair and detail at 300% detail. Also some sharpened areas to bring out the detail (which I know is starting to show and bring down the painting).



My WIP page:



Wow! You know, I was just looking at your WIP thread and admiring your work…I don’t always post on the WIP thread because it’s just too much to handle, but I’m happy to see your work here! :thumbsup: Your painting job is really nice! The lips especially are coming along beautifully, and I really like how you’ve kept a painterly feel to the piece. I think it’s something I would like to see echoed throughout the rest of it ~ right now, the lower half of the face resembles a really beautiful Sargeant portrait, and the upper half looks as though it were painted from a photograph. I don’t know how to tell you to infuse that upper half with more life, except to do there what you have done with the lips ~ paint using soft brushes, put more of yourself than close observation into it, get rid of those crisp edges about the eyes which are so apparently a result of your digital painting process. The hair on the viewer’s right side is just looking fantastic, but the edge of the forehead on the viewer’s left is looking too crisp and lacks that bit of soft focus so successfully implemented in the lips.

I think also there needs to be a bit more of a shadow underneath the nose ~ I understand the need to keep her looking ‘ethereally’ beautiful, but I think her nose needs a bit more structure which would be aided by the addition of more and a slightly chiseled shadow. The narrow bit lacks that extra plane, so that currently it looks like a smooth ball, when it should be slightly more squarish in construction.

Finally I think that the key difference between the impact of the photo and the impact of the painting right now is that in the photo, the eyes are the feature which you notice most ~ there is a fire and a spark in her eyes that you immediately notice ~ whereas in your picture, the eyes are slightly less developed and saturated, and the lips are really reading as the primary focal point of her face.

Overall, this is just fantastic work, but I think that you are about 75% there. Keep working, and I would LOVE to see your end results. :thumbsup: Glad to have you on the forum!

Cheers! :slight_smile:



Thank you very much for the criticism! I totally agree with what you have said as well, I am in contemplation as to when to use what brush since there is a tradeoff between the hard and the soft and then sharpening them to bring out detail, I am still learning as to when I have gone overboard or not. I respect your opinions and I am glad to have some constructive criticism finally. I will do what you have said and hopefully perfect this piece as it has taken me much time to get to this point :slight_smile:

Thank you!



You’re totally welcome! This is a beautiful piece, and good luck! :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile: