Master Copies - Post Your Copies From The Great Masters! 2D/3D D/T DRWG/PTG/SCULPTURE


Well I’ve been meaning to try out painting for some time now but I’ve mostly kept to black and white sketches in the past. I feel I don’t really know my way around colour. Course the best way to fix that is to dive in… so one of these days I will get around to it. Don’t think I’ll revisit this piece though.


About 2 hours, while watching Pulp Fiction special features :slight_smile:



These are beautiful! Particularly the first one ~ I love that super-rendered classical style, it’s amazing! :slight_smile:

Ninja Dodo,

Hopefully soon we will have a Color Theory thread here :). Actually…

EDIT: Here is the new COLOR THEORY thread:


More hard work with great results from you! Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, for supporting this forum with your great posts! :slight_smile:



Thank you very much Rebeccak!


This is from ingres.


I don’t know if mimicking a photo is acceptable or not.
but this is my work, inspired by enayla photo. (Linda Bergkvist)
This is her photo :
And this is my work with Photoshop around 5 hour :
(done using grid help method)

And this is my step by step work :




AWESOME, just AWESOME ~ thank you for posting this! Let me ask, though ~ was any tracing involved? I’m not sure it matters to me, but I wanted to ask :wink:



Hey guys,

Here’s a painting I did of one of my favorite artists’ works, Norman Rockwell.
I chose to charicaturize the characters. I copied it from one of Rockwell’s books.
Its done with gouache on watercolor paper (its tiny, about 8 x 5 1/2). Took me about a day.
I loved painting this coz I learned alot from it. Rockwell is just the greatest.

c&c are more than welcome.


some close ups:

And here is the original painting:
(sorry, this verion doesn’t do the painting justice)


I know Norman fell out of favor for a while, but I’ve always found an honest charm in his work, not to mention his gift as a draftsman and painter. What you’ve done with this is just charming as all get out, and with gouache? I have a cheapo set of gouache and I so want to learn the medium. I just have no idea where to begin.

I apparently misunderstood the thread thinking it was drawing. I’m excited to do a painting now… thanks for the inspiration!



rebeccak, thanks again… you’re making me blush… :slight_smile:

and no, no training before school… i guess it comes kinda natural? idunno…

i’ll definately submit more when i have the time to photograph some more work properly, as most of it is way too big for the scanner. although, hand drawn animation this semester prevents me from doing much else. :slight_smile:

all the rest of the work in this thread is also very impressive. Kei Acedera, i love how you’ve adapted a master work into your own style… specially using guache. shudder


KEi… so lovely drawing u have there,…
Uridian… u also have a good thing there :slight_smile:

AWESOME, just AWESOME ~ thank you for posting this! Let me ask, though ~ was any tracing involved? I’m not sure it matters to me, but I wanted to ask :wink:

Rebecca, thank you. :slight_smile: sorry not to mention it at first… I’m not using tracing, but… I’m using Grid method in photoshop :stuck_out_tongue: I know it lil bit like a cheat but more better than tracing. lol. I just want the drawing to be more accurate. :stuck_out_tongue:


AdrielaSakamoto - Thank you very much…I’m happy to inspire you…and I really encourage you and anyone to paint traditionally, especially nowadays when digital painting is more convenient. I think its very important that we all don’t lose our traditional skills.

Paint is good for the skin :stuck_out_tongue:

uRiDiAN- Thank you! your drawings are very nice.

dareevan- Thanks a lot! I really like the painting you did…very well done!

Great job everyone!


Kei Acedera,

I am truly inspired! Your paintings are truly charming, and I sincerely hope one day you get to do a children’s book, or some project which puts to good use your amazing talents!

BTW, you should definitely post some of your work on the Portraits and Caricatures - 2D / 3D TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL - YOO HOO BOBBY CHIU thread ~ heh, I had to bait Bob, but I’m actually having a hard time telling your caricatures apart from his…yep, I’d be happy to lure the both of you into posting on this thread!

Thanks for the awesome post! :slight_smile:



Here we go:

This is the first copy of a master’s work I did, and I must say that was a great experience. It was like, wathcing Annibale Carracci constructing a figure using curves and circles.

This is the original



I love this Master Copy, and can tell how much effort you put into getting the details just right.
Thank you for posting this! Your understanding of Opposing Curves is everywhere apparent.

Will you continue to do more Master Copies? I think that they are HUGELY beneficial ~ and also a lot of fun.

Hope to see your future results! :slight_smile:



I have been hooked to Michelangelo’s work since I was in 4th grade. Very good to study every now and then. I saw others here have made copies of some of my favorite ones by Michelangelo so I thought I’d throw some old ones up here. These are about 3-4 years old; ink sketches (so there is little room for error). Done as 15-30 minute studies. Very scratchy gestural practices.

The charcoal drawing is a Michelangelo piece I think but I am not sure. I can’t remember.

Hope you enjoy.


i did this sketch a couple of weeks ago. it is not really a one to one copy, but a painting out of my memory after visiting a Salvador Dali Exhibition where this piece of illustration for Dante Aligheri`s “Divina Comedia”. I just loved the series of illlustrations he did, especially this piece. Originally he had drawers in his stomach and only 2 wings, as i later recalled by watching the exhibition catalog^^.



I am excited to see that this is your first post! Welcome to CGTalk and to the Anatomy forum ~ I hope to see more of your work! :slight_smile:

I really like these studies! I got hooked on Michelangelo around the same time, fourth grade or so when my folks bought me a book of his work. It’s cool to see these drawings! Keep going with them! Do you work digitally at all? It would be interesting to know. :slight_smile:


This is a cool sketch! I’ve heard that the Dali Museum is amazing, so I can see why you would be inspired to do such a drawing having seen his work. I hope to see more of your work, feel free to post on any of the threads we have here! :slight_smile:



Here’s a sketch I did of the Pieta a year or so ago… :slight_smile:


Thanks for the warm wlecome Rebecca! I have visiting these forums daily and trying to learn different CG techniques. I have been copying masters for a while so I just felt like posting here.

I have been working with CG on a more daily basis like for the last year. Recently I have been modeling a few heads in Zbrush and working with the skin shaders in Maya 6.5. I just feel a little intimidated to post anything here because of the quality of work being posted here. I will post some of it up here though and I’ll let you know about it too :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments.