Master Copies - Post Your Copies From The Great Masters! 2D/3D D/T DRWG/PTG/SCULPTURE



Nice work on this! There’s a very lovely feeling to this piece…will you be working further on it? Feel free to post WIP and updates here, that is fine with me! :slight_smile:


Very nice study! This is something which could lend itself quite nicely to a digital painting, I think. :slight_smile:


As always, really beautiful and impressive work! Glad to see you posting more of it. :thumbsup:




Thanks Rebeccak,
I don’t know if I can venture on digital because my wacom is a cheap one, that means small and I’m also affraid of getting adicted on undo function.
Until I will train my eye, hand and volume feeling I think I’ll stick on traditional.



No worries, I quite agree with you about sticking to traditional at first, and maybe at last. :wink:

By the way, have you seen Icey’s thread?

Anatomy thread of Icey

Excellent traditional works! I always love to see traditional pieces ~ definitely check out Icey’s thread if you’ve not already. :slight_smile:




Sure I’ve seen Icey’s thread, he is romanian also. His drawing have a lot of vitality, I like them.

…Oh, one more reason I like traditional art more is because you can hang it on the walls :wink:

One more thing, do you ever sleep, please return to your bed or we will lose you :frowning:


Originally posted by adiere: One more thing, do you ever sleep, please return to your bed or we will lose you :frowning:

Thanks, adiere :slight_smile: ~ :scream: ~ my secret is the nap! :scream:


Hi rebeccak,

I think you infected me doing another Master-Copy :D.

William Bouguereau “Biblis”

Time over all: 2 days, done with Photoshop 6.0 and an Intuos3 tablet.

Some WIP’s Starting the chaotic way… I do not know which way seemed to be correct, perhaps I am thinking too much.


Control the proportions, lol… my one has the bigger foot.

For a bigger version check this:

I got a lot of problems with the plants in the foreground… it is my patience, I loose it after some time. And I only use one layer, cause it absolutly ever happens that I loose my attention and painting on a layer which is wrong.




This is beautiful! I’m really happy to see you enjoying these Master Copies…:D…lovely work! It’s also quite nice to see the WIP images. You should eventually submit your final piece to the Gallery * or put it into your CGPortfolio. :slight_smile:

Great work here! :slight_smile:




William Bouguereau painting…

an hour. Wasent really following the ref just playing around///

Quick sketch

Quick paint over


Hey, nice stuff seth1! I think her shoulders seem a bit narrow and sloped just slightly ~ but nice feel to the pencil work. :slight_smile: What’s up with the dot printing matrix texture on the painted version? :smiley:




Hey everyone!

I drew a few master copies yesterday and figured i’d post them here :slight_smile:

I drew these by hand and it took me about 40 mins each.
I used the original as references and did the linework first, after that I started slowly shading and erasing. Very simple process really.

here are the links for the originals by Michelangelo and Da Vinci


Hi Rebecca. Today I joined your Anatomy Draw-the-Heads workshop so I took a look around following your links and have found this other interesting thread of yours :)… Now I understand the importance of copying masters. From now on, I’ll do that EVERYDAY FOREVER (I hope) :thumbsup:

The following are a couple of copies I did from J.L Gerome and D.G Rossetti. I have not saved any wip for them, I’ll do that on the next.


Originals: Gerome - Rossetti



Beautiful work! :slight_smile: If you are interested in doing Master Copies, you should definitely look into the ongoing Master Copy Workshop series, the Open Figure Drawing Workshops.

Open Figure Drawing Workshops (OFDWs) are open to anyone and to all media ~ 2D Traditional and Digital, and even 3D. Lately the OFDWs have been devoted to doing Master Copies from provided Reference. These Workshops run for 4 weeks.

You can find links to the best of previous OFDWs here:
Links to all OFDW SPOTLIGHT Threads

You can find links to the full versions of all OFDWs here:
Open Figure Drawing Workshops with Hong Ly and Rebecca Kimmel

You are more than welcome to join the current OFDW:
Open Figure Drawing Workshop - Hals, Waterhouse, Velazquez, and Leighton - 018

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Yeah thank you Rebecca :). I will join it


Graphite on light grey stonehenge paper. Done completely by eye using comparative measurement.


This was done in graphite pencil on light grey stonehenge paper. It was done completely by eye using comparative measurement. It took me about 6 months to finish working on it for 6h 2d /w. Sorry I cant find any pictures on the web of the originals. These images were copied from the Barque Drawing book. Originally they were made as lithographs for the purpose of students to copy and learn how to draw during the 19th Century. You can find more info at


Here is my first Barque Copy. It took two months to complete. Done by eye and using comparative measurement. Graphite Pencil on light grey stonehenge paper.

My finished drawing

The one on the right is the photocopy I copied from. My drawing is on the left.



Welcome to the Anatomy Forum! :slight_smile: Good lord, these drawings are amazing! :thumbsup: I’m pleased to see that you’ve started your own Personal Anatomy Thread. Will post more there.

Are you finished with your training? I saw your link to the atelier you attended. Looks fantastic! :slight_smile:




Here’s a sketch of a Bouguereau painting I just did. It took about 2 hours, because of all the folds of fabric.


^^ That is stunningly gorgeous. 2 hours, wow.

Makes me embarassed to show mine! Haha!

Hi Rebecca (if you see this) I wanted to show this here since I totally disappeared from the 50 heads marathon thread. This is what I was doing. This probably took me over 10 hours, though I always lose track.

This has been the most rewarding thing I’ve completed to date, and the one I’ve learned the most on I think. Thanks for all you do here everyone @CGtalk - it really makes a difference! :slight_smile:


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