Master Copies - Post Your Copies From The Great Masters! 2D/3D D/T DRWG/PTG/SCULPTURE



Copying from the Old Masters is one of the best ways in which to learn how to draw, paint, and sculpt. I have returned continually not just to the same Old Master Artists, but to the same Drawings, and find that each time I discover new things which I had not before absorbed.

Please post your best efforts here!

  1. Please post a link to / image of the ORIGINAL Master Work for comparison as well as YOUR copy!

  2. Post the MEDIUM which you used and approximately how long you worked on your copy.

  3. Post a bit about your WORK PROCESS. :slight_smile:

Please limit the size to 600 pixel WIDTH (length please keep reasonable).

Thanks! :slight_smile:



Greetings from Valencia (Spain)

I think 600px is good but i have some images over this size. I prefer to show the best resolution that i have in my computer.

these are the links:
Annibale Carraci 1597 Study of Paris
Michelangelo Study of Lybian
MIchelangelo, Two Figures (Red Chalk)
Pierre Paul Prud’hon, Study Man
Pierre Paul Prud’hon, Study Woman
Pierre Paul Prud’hon, Study Woman
Raphael, Nude Man with raised arms
Raphael, two men nudes
Peter Paul Rubens, Seated nude youth
Peter Paul Rubens, Study for a crucified man

I hope that it be useful


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Hello, and thank you for posting these links! However, what I would like to see posted in this thread is YOUR work ~ YOUR drawings which have been copied from the masters.

Having said that, it would be great to have a thread dedicated to Master Drawings Resources…

Thank you for your post!



Here is my painting, it’s a copy from one of the bulgarians old masters - Ivan Mrkvichka
It’s not finished yet, as you can see, but i will finish it soon …
The size of that painting is 124X82 cm - the same as the original… and it took me about three months to made it… i’m sorry for the quality of the photos, but my room is a little bit dark…so - here is it:



Thank you for your post!

Can you post a link to the original Master Painting? This would help us to see how you are seeing and interpreting the work of the Master.

Thanks! :slight_smile:



yeah - here si the photos of the original, it’s not so big, but that’s all that i have…



Can you tell us a bit about which medium you are using, and your work process? Did you create a drawing first, or did you just begin to sketch in the painting medium which you used?

Thanks! :slight_smile:



hm… this is oil painting, size is 124/82cm, i have some pictures of the stages of painting… i’ll post them :slight_smile: just right now… hope this will work :wink:


so, as you can see - i started with sketch (pencil) to be sure shat everything is corect(size, proportions, etc.) this is my first copy, so i was not so sure how to proceed :wink: and this is my own way… may be it will be easier to made some kind of colouring over the whole painting, but… i don’t have so much time for experiments …:))) so, i just made the contours, and put the colours after this - it’s easy, just take some time :wink:



Thank you for taking the time to post your progression photos ~ this is great to see! I hope others will take your lead and post their Master copies ~ be it DRAWING, PAINTING, SCULPTURE, or even 3D ~ as well!



It’s been a while since I did this drawing so I don’t remember exactly how long it took me, but I think it was something like an hour or two (drawn with pencil).

… based on Dante Gabriel Rosetti’s “Beata Beatrix”.


Ninja Dodo

Thanks for posting your lovely piece! Do you have plans for a painting, either traditional or digital? :slight_smile:



kekata, that painting is really awesome.

i can’t get over how you captured the detail (and even expanded upon it in some parts)

the main old man dancing is beautiful


Copies of three of the drawings originally posted by Transfer.

Woodless 4B/6B pencil, maybe 20 minutes for each.


these were done for intro to anatomy class 2nd semester at AAU. red and black conte for the michelangelos, 4h pencil for the davincis to try and simulate the silverpoint used on the original drawings

Study of the Sybil

Study of David from the Chapel (can’t spell it, sorry)

DaVinci’s Horse

DaVinci hands



Let me be the first to say that your copies are simply AMAZING! :applause:

You HAVE to tell us about yourself and your training! :slight_smile:

EDIT: What is AAC? San Fran school?


Nice work! It’s amazing to see what everyone is posting! :slight_smile:

Thanks for these great posts, guys! It’s a huge thrill to see your work!! :slight_smile:



thanks rebeccak… glad you like them (i hope some others do too… heh). :slight_smile:

i spent approximately 6 hours on each, iirc…

about myself… i’m a student at Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

when i drew these i was in my second semester, so my training at that point was an analysis of form class and a figure drawing class. uhm… not much else to tell i’m afraid. i’m in the character animation program here and they do a lot of traditional training. lots of figure, clothed figure, heads/hands, more figure, anatomy, more anatomy, etc… really valuable stuff if your not too shortsighted to see that it really is usefull…


Sorry, wrong thread…



I am sure that MANY others will admire your beautiful drawings :).

But hey, you cannot get off that easily! You must have had very good artistic training prior to college in order to attain such a high degree of proficiency and finish in your drawings ~ either that, or we just have to chalk it up to Incredible Talent!

Wow, I am truly impressed with your work. I hope that you continue to post your work and contribute to this forum as you progress through school!

Thank you for posting these! :slight_smile:



Hi these are various master copies I completed during my drawing minor at school. I am unsure of some of the artists and I do not have reference of the originals. I know that one of them is Anthony Ryder…