Master And Servant Entry, Diego Velasco-de Armas (3D)


Title: Master And Servant Entry
Name: Diego Velasco-de Armas
Country: Brazil
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

The image is a depiction of an imaginary confrontation of a boy and his inner demons (here represented by just a big one). The cave in the room is an impossibility (aggravated by the fact that the room is in an apartment), and the smoke (which is painted in 2D, BTW) softens the line between the real and the imaginary. Their relationship is purposefully ambiguous, as are most relationships we have with our darker emotions. I decided not to make a very obvious image to leave some space for interpretation. The picture of the man is pretty much a symbol for something that would invoke the demon of anger. It just had to be simple and direct, and convey the emotion that it was a target for the beast.


!! Fantastic work !! post some wires, please :bounce:


Animal velasco, uma das melhores que vi.


Dude, it’s just awesome. The idea itself is great, then the colors and feel of all the characters are amazing. It looks so realistic yet so surreal at the same time. It’s images like these that make me proud of Maya.


Before reading your description of it I thought the kid was making some sort of deal with the demon. :slight_smile: I really like the idea and the melding of the two worlds. Although a couple of things are bugging me, and this is more of just being knit-picky, I think the boy looks a little to close to being a small man. Also the demons legs seem out of wack. Unless he is like a frog. I would almost want to not even put his hind legs in the image. The light in the middle of the floor, I am not sure where it is coming from. I see actual lights but it doesn’t look to me like they are causing the brightness in the middle of the room. If you are wanting it to be the moonlight, maybe put the window shadow in it. It looks semi blue but that might be from the lava lamp. Either way, I think you might want to tone the light down in the middle. It looks like it is competing with the other parts of the image.
Also I am not sure you need that large of an image to tell your story. I think you shoudl crop like the doorway out. The reason is that it, for me at least, it doesn’t do anything to further the image. It seems like it is some sort of filler that you felt you should put in there to make it more roomier.

This in no way means that I do not like your image. It is very cool and the theme is great! Hope some of this helps.



The image is great, congrats!! But what kind of comment was this?! :rolleyes:

It’s images like these that make me proud of Maya.
The quality of this work has got nothing to do with the application used to create it. Maya is nothing special compaired to any other highend 3d package and I really can not see any obvious evidence for maya being used in this image: the smoke was 2d painted, the demon has been heavily zBrushed and so on… :shrug:

Don’t get me wrong, i’m a maya-user too and i love it, but comments like these just make me ****! :wink:


Nice work !
But why didn’t you post that image in the challenge ?


Very nice Concept and Realization of it!! G8 Job :thumbsup:

C&C:- show some detailed expressions on boyz face (scared :D) …focus on boy!!
Altogether Very Nice Job!!

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i like your concept. well done


That’s really nice, i like your concept, and the modelling, textures are really well done!


Beautiful image, man. Everything is great, and I love your style. I agree that it would be nice to see some tension showed in the boy’s expression/stance (fear, shock, maybe shame). Maybe you already toyed with that idea…


very very nice in composing,lighting and modelling. wish best for you
good luck


Very nice work, the kid is awesome!, I like the lighting, very realistic. My only critic goes to the shaders, some areas and the demon look a little plastic and flat.


Thank you for all your feedback! I hadn’t expected so many people to see this image and post comments so quickly, otherwise I would have checked more often and responded individually as the appeared! Thanks a lot to Falconking, R Feurhuber, dvd_master, eyepeefreely, lowkey, gpepper, dixit 13, syb3r, Amilton Diesel, Kramerica, Ali_3dartist, and finally, Plaguelord! And now, onto specifics…

Falconking, I’ll post some wires when I’m at work, in about 2 hours. The ones I have here aren’t the final thing.

R Feurhuber, thanks, man- sounds exactly like what a friend of mine would say :)!

dvd_master, Thanks for the comments, but I have to agree with Lowkey’s comments (by the way, thanks for the defense! hehe). If anything, Maya lends itself to hand-crafted work more than anything else. Aside from paintFx, which can be pretty much used with just the presets, it’s no Poser or Bryce. But anyway, I don’t think that that was the intent of the message, so it’s cool.

Eyepeefreely (great nick, BTW) your comments were all very good. If you look at my M&S thread, you’ll see that I struggled somewhat with the head of the boy. It might still be a bit large, but at this point it’s a blendshape, so I can experiment. The legs of the demon really are either frog-like or rabbit-like, when you see the whole creature it makes sense. But in the end the way that they were cropped does look a bit odd. I might also try something like elongate his torso to push them back or even delete them, even because his serratus and intercostals look pretty cool, and you can’t even see them with the legs in front. I could tone the light in the middle a bit, sure. The only point on which I disagree with you is the doorway. For me, it does a couple of things for the picture: 1) gives it some breathing room, with the area in the back contrasting with the amount of detail in the front. It would probably look pretty cramped if that weren’t the case. And 2) there’s a mirroring effect going on- two exits, so to speak: one in the actual world, to the left, and another (the tunnel) in the escapist imaginary world, into the subconscious, to the right. Two choices, in contrast with each other. I like that idea. It looked too empty before the rug, but I thought that the rug fixed that.

Gpepper- I DID post the image :). Hence the title of the post.
However, I entered in the last 10 days, so a lot of people didn’t see it or its progression.

dixit13 & Kramerica- yeah, the face of the kid is another thing that I was going to play around with. In the end, I was going to do a couple of things that I didn’t have time to do- change his expression, texture the back of the beast, and pose the creature’s hands in a way that they were around the boy. Well, I had to prioritize… The rigging of the beast got messed up because of one polygon,so I gave that up. And in the end, the pose of the beast worked well with the smoke effect, so I was happy with that. The boy ended up ambiguous, but I convinced myself that that worked, too. I’ll revisit that probably today or tomorrow. No rush ;).

Plaguelord- as I said, I ended up out of time to do the bump map on the back of the creature. I think that that is hurting the image, it’s one of my priorities.

But one question- if this is a forum for finished work, but you get good suggestions (not only good reviews), do you keep “finishing it”, or do I move this to WIP? I’d rather not, as I submitted this to the M&S as finished ;).


Ok I understaood ! I wish U the best !


as I said, here go some wires… Very heavy meshes, after I exported them from Zbrsuh. The cleaner meshed before Zbrush can be seen at my M&S thread.


But one question- if this is a forum for finished work, but you get good suggestions (not only good reviews), do you keep “finishing it”, or do I move this to WIP? I’d rather not, as I submitted this to the M&S as finished ;).

Is an artist ever really satisfied with a "finished" piece. I know I am not. Always want to go back and change things or do it over :D . 

I understand now why you put the doorway in the image. It all makes sense. I should go and check out your WIP thread. :thumbsup:



Well, I’m going to make those changes, then :). This is what the image is looking like with better texturing on the demon (shader as well as a bump map painted in Zbrush). Next is the kid’s expression as well as toning down the ilumination in the center o the room a bit. It was a matter of unlinking a light, but I’ll post the results after I re-render the hires version.


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