Master and Servant Challenge FAQ/Answers/Questions (Update 24 March 2005)


heh yea, nah, I’ll just practice my painting, I really need to…

never seem to learn anything tho, but it’s a past time :slight_smile:



Yay! Today is the last siggraph day… sharpen your cursors!


oh crap I wanna rest for a while …




Waits in pleasant expectancy. It’s a while before I start school, so I’m looking forward to this, the results will be something fun to think about while I’m in Gross Anatomy…


I’m afraid the challenge isn’t allowed to start before the 15th… I’m on holiday in Devon next week and i’ll be most miffed if it starts without me! :wink:


Why did you tell them, Jonny? Now they’ll start on the exact date you leave.

At least it gives me a head start ahead of you, but it’ll be useless once you get back…:smiley:


Breath taking? Great event?
Great event… Festival! Party!
Breath taking… !!!

Assasination at the great Festival! or something less brutal…

[size=2]I wonder what would happen if somebody acctually guessed it.

Jonny, I bet it’ll start the 14’th or 16’th, that would be so typichal(spelling?).


For some reason I have a feeling it might be aquatic/marine…
Though I fear that it would make it a harder task to tackle and would not wish it… can’t leave it aside.

We have little more to do but wait… :sad:



you got it, in fact , i think it’s gonna be “Underwater Love” to be more exact




If someone guesses it they’ll just change the topic. We can’t win, people!


Breathtaking great event? The sinking of Atlantis! Of course!:bounce:


I’ve only finished one out of three challenges!?

Changing jobs wasn’t the best excuse for not finishing my Grand Space Opera (but i really didn’t have access to a scanner or decent access to the internet! Honest Guv!), but a baby arriving two weeks early and two weeks before the deadline was quite a good excuse for Master and Servant!! At least i’ve finished it now… three months late but who’s counting?? Let’s hope nothing crops up this time round… must try harder… … i want to get into some judging for a change…

And let’s hope there’s a whole bag full of 21" Cintiqs up for grabs!! Every prize is a cintiq!! And clever peeps get a BOxX and a Cintiq!! Woohoo! ANd 15" cintiqs for honourable mentions, pleeeease!? And some bundles of lovely software just for good measure!! YiPPee!!

An underwater theme sounds interesting… but maybe a bit specific…?

There’s not been a myths and fantasy type topic yet, has there?

And i like Aly’s ‘Death’ interpretation… nice and broad, if a little dark.


And let’s hope there’s a whole bag full of 21" Cintiqs up for grabs!!

See, there was the problem with the last challenge right there. It’s not like any of us couldn’t have easily won top prize in the challenge. It’s that the SECOND prize was a Cintiq so we were all trying hard enough to get second place but not quite good enough to come in first. It’s easier if you just shoot for the top, but we were all shooting for almost the top so that we could win the Cintiq, and that requires a bit more precision. We all accidentally undershot… (except for Matt, of course.)




Undershot… undershot…! I dropped me gun and looked the wrong way as well…!

Dark, because I am dark! Dark mysterious and brooding but occasionally a bit fluffy… :argh:


Seems like it’s gonna happen soon… :slight_smile:

From a thread in general discussion here


“Bubbles…? Bubbles?? I’m fuking Aly Fell, I’m the prince of fuking darkness!!”

'nuff said.

and what’s with the new avatar… you ain’t spookin me…

(apologies for the misquote!)


okay Leigh… In your 2 phrases you used 2 wierd words: vernacular and slur… I think there is the clue…


a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves); “they don’t speak our lingo”
common: being or characteristic of or appropriate to everyday language; “common parlance”; “a vernacular term”; “vernacular speakers”; “the vulgar tongue of the masses”; “the technical and vulgar names for an animal species”
Vernacular architecture comprises “traditional domestic and agricultural buildings, industrial and commercial structures, twentieth-century suburban houses, settlement patterns and cultural landscapes.”


<li>A curved line placed above or below two or more notes of different pitch to indicate that they are to be performed in legato style.
<li>a single bowstroke that incorporates more than one note.
connect two or more notes together smoothly; not tongued

So, it’s about languages and culture, not as spread concepts, but as unifying; something global. Am I close my favourite little south african admin? :smiley:


Two weeks after Siggraph…I am still waiting.
I am ready for the next challenge. Bang Bang!


XIA, didn’t you know yet.

They love to make us wait.



Give us the challenge already =) You’re killing us here!

twitches on the floor