Master and Servant Challenge FAQ/Answers/Questions (Update 24 March 2005)


Work with it, people!

Hmm, breath taking, well I was hoping for a nice broad topic like Death, but I have a feeling that they won’t make it that ‘easy’ for us, so we may have a more complex version of such a clue.


Breath-taking? End of the world…grim reaper…final days…ahh, mystery does indeed deepen.

Oh, for more clues!


Where did you hear that the next contest was starting after SIGGRAPH , everything I have seen suggest the contest will be announced before Siggraph


Leigh’s announcement

In Announcements… ho hum…


‘Breathtaking,’ hmmm?
Maybe it’s another space theme, as in the vacuum of space.
Well, maybe not the vacuum. That just sucks. :shrug:



…maybe he misspelled it…
so it could be ‘bread taking’ or ‘breast faking’ or… :shrug:


Vacuum? As in…

Mystery solved? Otherwise ‘breath taking’ could be re-interpreted as ‘bread baking’, if you have bad hearing, and I do, so…


It must have to do something with jennifer o’neill, cause this is the first thing google comes up on an image search for breath taking


Thanks for the info, I guess I don’t go to the front page very often.


I’d post a clue, but no words in the vernacular can describe this great event.


Birth, new life? Taking your first breath.



You’ll just have to accept a slur.


Great event? Slur?


Fall of the Angels? Apocalypse? The final Ride of the Four Horsemen?

Or some other such event?

Slur… on someone’s name…term of disparagement…them against us attitude…warring cultures?

Am I getting close? :grin::smiley:


Nowhere near.


It’d be amazingly impressive if you got anywhere close.

Leigh, stop teasing - that’s my job! :wink:


It is teasing!! We need to know!!

So when do you realistically think you’ll launch the challenge…? Will it be very soon after SIGGRAPH for instance…?


Hopefully very shortly after SIGGRAPH :slight_smile:





It’s something to do with insects, isn’t it??

Aiaiai… I am looking forward to this indeedy.

By the way, Robert, I’m going to email you Jason’s compiled Q & A later today. Keep an eye on your inbox…


Come on, solve it already for us, Paperclip, wanna get a headstart!




Squibbit, you do so many drawings anyway, why don’t you start now… one of them’s bound to be right! :wink: