Master and Servant Challenge FAQ/Answers/Questions (Update 24 March 2005)


Well, I like it :slight_smile:

I was once told by one of these ‘where’s-your-name-from’ market-stall-country-fair-things that ‘Duddle’ was a misspelt ‘Dudley’. And that one of my ancestors couldn’t spell his name!! The cheek of it!? We’re very clever chaps, us Duddleys! And we’re very good at spelling Dudle!! So there!!

I’ve not met any other Duddles though.


Go watch the movie!.. The next three weeks is the first time EVER I’d have some decent ammout of time to work for a challenge… I’m so unlucky…


I’m in a similar position… i’ve only got a full time job and a baby occupying my time at the moment. :wink:

I’ll have a ton of stuff on the go by the end of August, so i’m gagging for this challenge to start!

It can’t be more than two weeks away now… can it…?


I’m refreshing cgtalk every hour for at least one month now, just to make sure I don’t miss the start… :slight_smile:


Hahaha!! You’ll wear out your ‘refresh’ button… :slight_smile:

Maybe they’ll just tell us two… because we’re really keen and dead nice and enthusiastic’n’all…?


Or because CGTalk’s gonna be down if we don’t stop refreshing all the time :scream:


Add me in for the F5 crowd. Do I get to be privy to the secrets??


If only we had secrets…then we might ahve something interesting to distract us from waiting for the challenge!

I guess you’ve seen this:

ho hum… i’ll have to think of something else to fill my time… :sad:


Sadly stops sharpening pencil

Oh well. A while yet. I got something for you to do duddle- show us a wip of your ‘romanes eunt domus’, I love that picture!! :love: Go on jonny, you know you want to…


I saved off a load of jpg’s of the WiP, mainly to put in the rather sparse ‘How?’ section on my site. So i’ll let you know when it’s there!! And i might load it up on the original thread in the cgtalk 2D forum too…?


Please do!!

Looking forward to this. Sad to hear that challenge won’t be until after SIGGRAPH though, at least it’ll give us plenty of time to speculate on the new topic!

If only we had someone to drop us insanely obscure clues…sob…please guys, someone throw us a bone here!


Theresa! Step-by-step just posted in Art techniques forum!

And i’ve gotta agree!! C’mon CgTalk! Post us some clues!


Now that really would be telling :wink:


… mibus, was that the clue? … :curious:


No, that would be breath-taking.:twisted:




sooooo, was ‘breathtaking’ the breathtaking clue? :surprised


My curiosity is aroused… :curious: now what would take your breath away I wonder? Death manages that… :hmm: Oh Mibus… you tease… :wink:


and love … :slight_smile:



Or a very nice view.

Or a fairground ride.

Or a good punch under the ribs.

Or a traffic cop if they think you look a bit tipsy.

hmmmm… the mystery deepens… :stuck_out_tongue: