Master and Servant Challenge FAQ/Answers/Questions (Update 24 March 2005)


np leigh, maybe next time the people behind cgtalk could be as patience with the deadline as we are with the results :smiley:


Just a few more minutes…


Leigh, thanks for the info :slight_smile: waiting…


It’s up! Check out the front page :wink:

Winners here:


thank u,cg talk.:slight_smile:


congradulation to everybody! and can’t wait for the next challange…thx cgtalk+Leigh+judges


Thank you to all the judges and to Leigh for a heroic finish. Congratulations Winners, congratulations finishers! If you’ve created, you’ve won.

Next challenge or bust!



congratulations to all, winners & non-winners!!!.. so when’s the next challenge?


I read somewhere (can’t remember where) at some point (can’t remeber when) that the next challenge would start before SIGGRAPH… anyone heard anyhting like this? Or more?

I missed the end of the ‘M&S’ with the birth of my daughter and i wanna finish the next one!!


DREAM ON! :scream:

You know…some twins are not always born same time. The other one stays inside (even months) and waits for most unlikely and/or not wellcomed situation to be born suddenly without any warning.

To test this, you can sit front of your machine and loudly say “I think I am going to render my final image entry…” and see if your wife is having some unexpected repeating pains. :smiley:

Congrats about newborn.!!!



Haha… blimey… couldn’t be doing with the sudden appearance of a twin! One baby’s hard enough work! But i seem to get a few more free hours than i did a couple of months ago so i can’t wait for the next challenge.

(And thanks!)


hey duddlebug, sorry, but the other challenge was held during the weekend,
now u gotta wait till the judging n stuff for at least another month until
the next challenge…



you’re really quite an evil little bastard aren’t you? :smiley:



I’m Friend!!



Oh well… i was too busy boozing at the weekend. It could’ve been fun but you’ve gotta get your priorities straight, eh?

I want a challenge!! C’mon CGTalk!!


Don’t worry Jonny, only 2 1/2 weeks to go…before 31st July, remember?

How’s Daisy btw?


and Lily ?



Yup… hopefully they’ll get it online in time. I’m sure the ‘Grand Space Opera’ ended up being delayed until after SIGGRAPH. Ho hum… i’m sure they’re doing their best. I’ve just got a bit of free time at the moment and i know i’m gonna be dead busy in a couple of months time… so, on a very selfish level, the sooner the better!! :wink:

And Daisy’s doing just dandy!! She’s super cute!! And smiles at her dad a lot… i think she’s learnt already that she’s gonna get a long way with that smile and me. :slight_smile:


Are you saying that it’s gonna take 2 and a half more weeks?!?! I CAN’T wait that long! I just CAN’T! :cry: :banghead: :cry:


Daisy duddle is such an adorable name.:love: You should feature her in KinG of SpACe!

Unusual surname at any events. Where/what is it from?

Coco…you CAN wait. Harry Potter is out tomorrow night! Yay! If you start the contest on saturday, you will have one unhappy contestant…me.

See you there!