Master and Servant Challenge FAQ/Answers/Questions (Update 24 March 2005)


well , at least they should start the next contest already



OMG OMG! We’re like - the same! …and stuff…

I honestly could have written that line myself.

It drives me nuts!

…especially as I’m getting it from multiple family members…

…it was even worse a few weeks ago - they just couldn’t seem to grasp the fact that I was both running a contest and taking part in one…

…and now my mom just came in while I was typing this… can you guess what she said?!



just wondering…WHY not just to tell us the result if they already decided at least 3 days ago? 1,5 month several hundreds (or even thousands if count not only finalists) of people are waiting for that, and stuff even don’t speak with us…keep it up, CGTALK, keep it up…


heeheheh! all of you hang around here! glad to see ! now I’m not excite about result, maybe I’m excite about the new challenge :twisted::eek: he heheh , wait for the new challenge! :thumbsup:


Well there could be numerous reasons for delay - such as checking the results are correct, or maybe trying to sort tied results, there are probably numerous graphics to create for the site and e-mail… must be loads of stuff to do - it can be time consuming even on a small scale, but this is the biggest contest of its kind on the net.


:slight_smile: Am I the only one not bothered about the results? - I just want another competition! I’m a bit dumb so I need to be told what to do. Come on, chop chop :smiley:


if would be nice if someone from CGTALK team told that…:slight_smile: anyway I wish them luck in everything about this… :slight_smile:


hahah, having fun in meantime with my last few tranquilizers and patience7.1 beta. actually using also DSG turbo and CHAT light. uhm. enthusiastic. trying to keep it up, another potion… never knew much, hahaha, feeling silly as well Baron… makes the 2 of us. so may the enlightment come soon. and the new challenge. :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Ahh… here you guys are gathering :buttrock::cool: Hahahaha

Nice place to drive insane :twisted::scream: WU HO HUA HA HA HA… [color=Gray]HI HI HI HI HI
…[/color] just cut my left ear off… HI Hi …it feels a bit better now!.. WuoaHAHAHAHA



you guys think you can hide from “Darth Theuni” :twisted:


Well, your avatar doesn’t have any eyes so we thought we MIGHT be able to…

Psst…special Patience 4.2 deal starting tomorrow…get in there…


i have a question people…i have 2 computers conected through lan…can i use them bothe (master-slave) with photoshop cs 2 for more processing power…ore somthing??? something like a 2d renderfarm…in this case painting farm?..thx


Oh :surprised now that you gave me the clue I know why the whole world is so dark :smiley:


breath in - breath out - breath in - breath out - almost passed out from holding my breath for the results. turned black-blue though.


i think if any contestants doesnt really make it - survive from passing out - from holding their breath - the organizers should be liable.


Please have some patience, folks. I am putting together the announcement and will be putting it online soon. I am sorry for the delay but I’ve been incredibly busy and this was suddenly handed to me to take care of just over a week ago.


pls help :cry:


Nop u can’t ! :slight_smile:


thx a looooooot


Hi! OrO

You better try to ask this question in the general discussion Forum, that is where the help comes from :wink:

See ya


And here I am trying to give patience away practically for free. Ah well, you can lead contestants to patience beta, but you can’t make them install it…:shrug: