Master and Servant Challenge FAQ/Answers/Questions (Update 24 March 2005)


Mmmm sounds good! :stuck_out_tongue:


Mmmmmmhhh… before or after sushis ? :scream: (the school of patience…)


No, no. no. You can get faster results if you inject the formula directly into the vein.


So, now that you’ve seen what you can do with patience, will you all have some?

For fun, we can always make bets as to when we’ll hear the results. :scream:


quote :
No, no. no. You can get faster results if you inject the formula directly into the vein.

:twisted:For myself, i tried to inject it into my left eye… And it works !!!
It hurts a little, but when the eye is (almost) white again then it’s time to announce the results.:twisted:


O.K - my bet is for July 4th. If I win I’m rewarded with patience, right? :smiley:


I think much earlier - receieved this letter today : “Final judging for places and prizes in the Master Servant CG Challenge is now complete and the winners will soon be announced! Stay tuned for the results.”

I guess that winners recieve their letters tomorrow and everybody else a day or two after tomorrow :deal:


I haven’t received that letter, thanks for the update.


neither did i :smiley:


Ah no, double post.
Oh well. I guess I’ll just use this extraneous space to make my guesstimate. It’s this week, sometime. Today is Tuesday though and I doubt if they will announce the winners on a weekend. That gives us Tues- Friday. It will be most likely around 8pm West Coast time (the announcement of the M & S topics was around that time. So there you go.


AFAIK, letters go out in batches. It sounds to me like you may need some…patience?:twisted:


Thursday 0 hrs GMT! :scream:


My bet is tod-, eh tomorrow, Friday 2… what day is it again? Oh, yeah 24th.
-June, Friday 24th. That´s my bet.

Damn does someone have a little time to sell. I don´t care about how to inject, wether it hurts or not, but I need it and I need a lot of it! Especially for the next challenge I´m gonna need lloooooottt.

Posted by spacenail
For myself, i tried to inject it into my left eye… And it works !!!

Just a question of curiousity: Did you do it in front of the mirror, or did you take out your eyeball first?

Posted by spacenail
It hurts a little,

I have painkiller on supply!:twisted: Painkiller for a buck! Mixed with patience it´s the best euphoric experience of your life! It´s like time wouldn´t last nomore. You get an idea of eternity… I had one few minutes ago and I don´t care when the winners are gonna be announced… It´s great…:thumbsup:

BTW: does patience make addicted? I hope not :rolleyes:

peace, pete


I realise i’ll probably get spanked for this but my patience plugin has expired and i’ve lost the keygen!

Whilst I’m probably under-estimating the logistics behind judging something like this, what’s the point of knocking a month off the competition time just to add it back on deliberating over who’s won…?


My bet is July 1’st or 2’nd… but I really hope it will be before


If your patience plugin expires, you’re not going to be allowed to see the winning announcement. Sorry.


casts a bolt of lightning that disintegrates Lady Medusa’s…um…shoes




My bet is January 1st…maybe 2007 :bounce:


ahhhh an optimist :smiley:


The results will come out TONIGHT. Tenacious T has spoken!

Watch this space for a ‘never mind’ edit…hehe…